Trimonium - Son of a Blizzard
Einheit Produktionen
Immortal influenced Pagan Black Metal
8 songs (44:27)
Release year: 2007
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Reviewed by Jeff
Surprise of the month

If you were to play me Trimonium's Son of a Blizzard without even telling me who they were in the first place, my first reaction would have been, "JEEZ! I can't believe how awesome this new Immortal album sounds!". Where Immortal once carried the torch they laid down a few years ago, Trimonium picks it up and continues to keep the flame of pagan black metal burning. Son of a Blizzard is Trimonium's third full length release to date.

There are many similarities between the Trimonium and Immortal. Like most Immortal albums, Trimonium's Son of a Blizzard is eight tracks of anthem-like battle music. The lyrics are of pagan subject matter. The froggy throated, icy cold vocals sound alot like those of Abbath. The drummer incorporates a mix of galloping, bombastic drum patterns with punkish black metal blast beats. The guitars rely much upon the tremolo picking style while at other times letting power chords and riffing complete the onslaught of fingering fury. The tone of the bass is very low but it's presence is there in the mix and helps give the bottom end to the higher frequency responses that the guitars have. Trimonium doesn't play alot of lead guitar if any. What may seem like lead guitar parts are more like guitar fills. The music is very rhythm dominated. The recording and production is very good for a pagan black metal album.

Despite the comparisons, Trimonium still manages to take the classic pagan black metal sound and styles pioneered by bands like Immortal and make them their own. Trimonium is actually a four piece outfit from Germany consisting of a drummer, a bass player and two guitarists; one of which handles the vocal duties. Trimonium seems to have also abandoned the Kabuki styled face paint. Their current look is more like the denim and leather trend worn by many of the bands of the early NWOBHM.

As for the CD booklet, my only complaint is that the lyrics and credits are a little hard to read. The lettering is a ghostly white color over midnight navy blue backgrounds and seems a little out of focus. I'm not sure if this was the band's intention or just a printing error on the part of the record label.

Son of a Blizzard is a much welcomed release. Where as Abbath's I only takes some Immortal elements and mixes them with those of rock, Trimonium respects the pagan black metal traditions, not diverting from them at all and manages to create something very close to that of their predecessor's. For those of you yearning for a band that could be the distant cousin of Immortal, than Trimonium's Son of a Blizzard is for you!

Killing Songs :
The Wisdom of the Crying, Return from the Battle, Choose The Weapon, My Blood For Yours, Waste of Blood
Jeff quoted 85 / 100
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