Centurion - Hyper Martyrium
Scarlet Records
Thrash / Heavy / Black
10 songs (42'20)
Release year: 2000
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Danny

Judas Priest has being a reference for years in the underground heavy metal scenery having influenced many subsequent bands and Centurion is one of them. However, Centurion, like many other bands, try to lose their direct influence on second record. Their first work (Arise Of The Empire) was thrashy, but sounds too much as the Priest. With Hyper Martyrium, Centurion has decided to take some risks (who said too much risk ?). The new path they have decided to follow is a complex metal where thrash and fast heavy metal riffs meet clear and black vocals.

The rhythmic is fast and heavy, but this time Centurion delivers a more personal music. Hyper Martyrium comes to give a new vitality with lots of songs being aggressive. Telling about the disk, a lot of things must be highlighted. First, the production is ok, making this album able to be heavy and audible, but far from best production around. Secondly, Centurion still refers to the past and this time I think about Venom with these dark vocal (that's totally new for Centurion!). From heavy/thrash to thrash metal with gutural voice, is Centurion still searching its own soul?

I hope for the next record they will be able to chose what they want to do. There is too many difference between this one and the previous record. I am wondering if Hyper Martyrium (name speaks from himself !!!) doesn't highlight the biggest problem of Centurion : what kind of music shall we play ?!? An average record from a band full of talent, who can deliver much better things. Guys, follow your instinct ... not the fashion or trends and I am sure something better and more personal is about to born.

Killing Songs :
Deflagration Of Violence
Danny quoted 62 / 100
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