Demolisher - Enter The Suffering
Groovy Death Metal
3 songs (15.01)
Release year: 2007
Reviewed by Aleksie
Demolisher is a five-piece metal patrol from our fine capitol, Helsinki. Their take on the dusty corners of death metal I very modernized and versatile, that should still interest every fan of, oh say, even older Death and maybe Monstrosity.

Say Goodbye…To Your Beautiful Life starts off with mid-paced churning that builds up into a brutal riff and quick, devastating drumming by Osirius. Vocalist Bullit mixes it up a bit by alternating seamlessly between classic death growls and a clearer, harsh shout that brings a hardcore-flavour to the table.
Enter The Suffering also impresses with the intro barrage of double bass and tremolo picked riffing, switching then between a more groovy guitar work mixed with some thrash beats for good measure. Unfortunately the slower ending falls flat after such a gripping beginning, so the song doesn’t hold for its whole duration.
Slower tempos are employed much better on the closing track Dark Circle, that starts with haunting clean guitars and then starts a gradual hammering with double bass kicks and plodding guitars that feel crushingly heavy, even when they speed up considerably. Points are always given for marching drums.

Overall, Enter The Suffering is a very impressive showing from a band that has been formed just two years ago. The production is top-notch and the playing overall extremely tight, considering the demanding technical aspects presented as well. Personally, I would prefer more melodies and hooks in the mix, as the quite evenly strong quality on this EP is also the only real downfall. Things don’t stick out like they should. I don’t know if that is really the band’s thing, but one way or another, Demolisher is a band that you definitely should check out for some quality brutality.

Killing Songs :
Let's say Dark Circle
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