Gwynbleidd - Amaranthine
The End Records
Melodic Folk Death Metal
4 songs ()
Release year: 2007
The End Records
Reviewed by Cody

Gwynbleidd's latest EP, Amaranthine, is the latest acquisition to my listening arsenal this week. Combining intricately crafted woven tapestries of death metal and mellow tempos, this release will beckon comparisons to the almighty progressive death metallers Opeth, and a small few others. For the most part though, The End Records have done a fabulous favor to its fanbase by supporting this band and the release of this EP (with hope for more to come).

I can't help but make comparisons between Gwynbleidd and Opeth, (perhaps to the chagrin of the band when they read this), but for me its unavoidable as a writer. This is a band which has absolutely taken the trademark sound of Opeth (though they definitely know how to compose individually satisfying songs), so to those who shy away from such music, Gwynbleidd probably won't be your cup of tea, however, to those who enjoy Opeth, Agalloch and other such acts, you will be more than satisfied with Amaranthine. From this reviewer's perspective, this album is an absolute joy to listen to, regardless of what comparisons you can make to the previously mentioned band. I came into listening to this EP as objectively as possible like I try to do with all albums, and I can honestly say this album is about as moody as it gets. Gwynbleidd are not bashful in their blatant melodic death metal pummeling, which then transitions into fantastic acoustic chords. The End was smart in signing this act, as they are from New York, which makes them easier to market, and easier to tour with, thus creating a potential powerhouse to take on Roadrunner's boys in U.S. sales and touring figures.

Gwynbleidd, im my humble opinion, provides an outlet for fans of Opeth but provides a sense of raw aggression that is more in tune with earlier releases of Opeth. Now, Opeth is a band that tends to lean towards a latter Death-style metal (no pun intended, I swear!), which has a more progressive feel. If you yearn for a more traditional sound which harnesses the power more in the vain of old school melodic death metal riffs, while also maintaining the quaint, beautiful rumblings of the acoustic portions, then Gwynbleidd could become the healthy portion of awesomeness you have been meaning to include in your diet.

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