Death Toll 80k - Death Toll 80k
Celtic Frosted Grindcore
4 songs (11.00)
Release year: 2006
Death Toll 80k
Reviewed by Aleksie
Death Toll 80k is a group of young lads of my long-time hometown of Lappeenranta, Finland. Their mix of, as they put it themselves, “Celtic Frosted grindcore” is quite a peculiar mix of different sides of very extreme music.

World On Fire is straight up punky grind with furious blasts and moshable riffs sprinkled amidst to bring a nasty groove into the mix. Total Mindfuck then again starts off as extremely doomy and plodding, raising the tempo up to a punk drive. Backward Progress goes on a steady deathgrind diet with the Florida-moments in the beating riffage. The CelticFrostness that the band itself is bringing forth is most apparent in the slow, gloomy beatdowns. The closer Nuclear Napalm Terror impresses with its heart-felt poetic touch and mid-tempo death metal-stench. Unrelenting and moshable.

Singer Oula Kerkelä uses his cookiefied vocal chords to low-end-brutalize the tales of death and deception. Down low and harsh is the way today. The playing is typically demoesque, full of enthusiasm and energy, with minor mistakes here and there. The production is very raw and gritty, but everything stays in a moderate balance, with the exception of the growl that is a bit too high in the mix.

Overall a nicely twisted package of furious grind and slow death metal, with doom to spice it up a bit. Got to keep up with these guys in the future.

Killing Songs :
Nuclear Napalm Terror
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