Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal
Thrash Metal
8 songs (42'59")
Release year: 2007
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

For once there will be no confusion and brain raking over what to put in the Style box. The title of Blood Tsunami debut says it all. And while prior to listening I thought of this move to be on the ambitious side, there is no question that this shot-of-adrenaline album backs up the title statement with worthy music substance. (When questioned, Dismemeber did it once too with Death Metal, remember?)

Blood Tsunami is another band that features Bard “Faust” Eithun as its drummer, in addition to the recently acclaimed Aborym which delivered its own breakthrough Generator. There is no question that Bard’s deed 15 years ago was a despicable atrocity. Yet, thanks to the Norwegian rehabilitative system, it seems that Bard is a man not possessed with hatred anymore. And as he had to put away all musical activities away while locked up, he is hungry contributing on multiple fronts. On the other hand, thanks to Samoth and Zyklon, Bard has been at least in touch with Norwegian metal field by writing Zyklon’s lyrics, for World ov Worms and Aeon, anyway.

Blood Tsunami takes what could have been a mediocre cover band and turns it into a solid upcoming performer by applying a deliberate amount of ballsiness to the tried and true 80s style thrash. If Sodom, Testament and “real” Metallica had a threesome with the early Haunted watching from up close, Blood Tsunami had to be a bastard child of that unholy intercourse. Just like Sodom, Evil Unleashed and Rampage of Revenge deliver with infectious groove, without ever slowing down, but adding that modern intensity, almost hardcore, element resulting in a good drum smackdown. Torn Apart manages to drill the skull with penetrating single note urgency and gang screams.

Not much, or better yet nothing, on Thrash Metal is revolutionary or new, but the hungry galloping verse in Infernal Final Carnage and the main riff in Devoured by Flames, despite sounding so painfully familiar, drew me in immediately. Guitar work on the album is profound, even though the band hasn’t been together long enough. Circular riffs on Let Blood Rain bring out Slayer references immediately (thus the title?), but the leads on Let Blood Rain and Infernal Final Carnage, being surprisingly melodic and catchy, transcend the realm of brutal thrash.

Pete’s vocals sometimes gurgle and suffocate with his own screams and shouts, but he is often rescued by Dor’s manly backing clearer voice. The band does it without Pete on the instrumental Godbeater, and, for me anyway, delivers a highlight of the album. This cut is Blood Tsunami’s Orion, indeed feeling in spots a little like … And Justice, but searching and ultimately trying to cover many more lines of attack in one span. Fittingly, just like on Master of Puppets Orion was followed by Damage Inc., Godbeater is followed by a short all-out no frills Killing Spree.

If you were unsatisfied with the modern State of the Thrash Union, Blood Tsunami gives hope that things might improve real soon.

Killing Songs :
Let Blood Rain, Infernal Final Carnage, Torn Apart, Godbeater
Alex quoted 85 / 100
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