Eminenz - The Blackest Dimension
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Black Metal
9 songs (49'56)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Marc

Here comes the fourth album of the german black metal band Eminenz: The Blackest Dimension.

They play a rather melodic black metal, with keyboards. There is also a little death metal influence, for example in the vocals which are quite good. The keyboard is a bit surprising. Maybe too cheerful on the first track (it sounds like Vangelis!!), quite annoying on the second and average on the rest of the album. The keyboardist failed to convince me. The guitar part is very nice, sometimes slow sometimes faster but not in an "apocalyptic" style. Good production and drums complete the picture, not much to say about that.

Some parts of this album are very good but it's not very consistent. Not a bad album, but not a must-have release either. Worth buying if you're a fan of the genre but not a priority.

Killing Songs :
Diabolical Majesty, Seraph's Flight
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