Venetian Snares - Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms
Planet Mu
10 songs (48:31)
Release year: 2006
Venetian Snares, Planet Mu
Reviewed by Misha

A new album by Aaron Funk should be no surprise, since the birth of Venetian Snares, the man has brought us records at steady intervals of a few months. However, in 2005 something changed: the release of Rossz Csillag Alatt Született. Even though it was already fact that his Drill‘n’Bass Breakcore mix is very dynamic and that Funk knows well never to create the same album twice, this piece was something way out there. Not because it’s so much better than his previous releases, but because it’s so much different than anything else, this might deserve the instant classic status. The consequence is that reactions on his new pieces are extremely critical regarding it’s originality, and although Meathole wasn’t generic, it missed the amazing concept and uniform mood that shot Rossz Csillag Alatt Született through the roof.

Compared to Meathole, Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms offers more of the same, yet this album does not lack bold concepts, they are just dedicated to songs rather than the entire disc. So the question remains whether this album is “better” than the Hungarian masterpiece, the answer is probably a “no”, but with the eye-catching side note that this new one is almost certainly a more enjoyable album. Funk again relies on his trademark lucky number 7/4 mostly, and the fluency that his beats roll out of your speakers with is again brilliant, moreover considering the bumpy road that such a time signature represents. With the exception of a few tracks, this is a very uplifting and energizing record, as the name has already suggested. Funk occasionally flirts with Gabber, as the Happy Hardcore pom poms imply. The song about making cow, Vache, is a good example, but this does not entail a generic pound-fest, as the dadaism adjective attends on. Another stand out is the Pwntendo song, Glitch infused and its focus speaks for itself: Nintendo bleeps and mad beats with remarkable sense of swing and dynamics. It deserves praise that Funk does not get carried away by his concept and makes a compilation of nostalgic melodies, on the contrary, he creates something entirely new and the Nintendo subject is merely winked at.

A red line through the album is Funk’s fusion of rhythm and melody, which is possible through his excellent sense of timbre that holds most songs together. Beat and melody stand very close together and his layered rhythms interact and even transcend above songs (Vache and the excellent Plunging Hornets, in which the same rhythmic principle is applied in a completely different mood and context). Conclusively, Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms could be called more of the same, yet it remains original in the homogeneity of diversity. Serious music is again resembled by the name of Venetian Snares, but this time, it’s in a joker’s costume.

Killing Songs :
Pwntendo, Vache and Plunging Hornets.
Misha quoted 80 / 100
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