Mercury Rain - Where Angels Fear (Demo)
Hard Rock with Gothic elements
5 songs (26'08)
Release year: 2000
Mercury Rain
Reviewed by Chris

I received this sampler or more demo CD. A great attention was given on the presentation, the demo CD comes with a complete booklet + CD shelf, in color, with printed label on the CD and personalized paper letter. Very cool, especially for a guy like me that like to have nice looking albums. Anyway, this little parenthesis was just to say that it's been nicely packaged and that is appreciated.

This demo CD contains 5 tracks. Music sounds like classic Hard Rock with female vocals. The CD is self produced on a home PC and I must say that under the circumstances I'm pretty impressed with the sound. It won't match the Helloween or Rhapsody CD production wise of course, but it beats some Italian bands with no problem.

The big problem in this CD is the vocals if you ask me. Miss Porzier have a nice voice in itself, the way she uses it may be the answer to their problem. Musically the songs are quiet and pretty simple but enjoyable, the vocal tends to bore me pretty quickly and I'm sure they would rise up the level of attention upon themselves if they improve the vocal parts.

In the end this demo CD is not bad, but there's very little originality and there's nothing really thrilling, not a melody that stays, not a moment that makes you feel strong emotions. Music wise the guitar riffs are classic ones, same for keyboards and the drums are pretty weak (both sound and technical). The band announce themselves as Gothic Power Metal and I'm not sure that it's the best way to describe them. It's a long journey to make music and it's also a very difficult one. Having often been in studio myself, helping friends, I can tell you it takes a lot of effort and patience to make good music. I have the feeling that Mercury Rain needs to improve on some areas, mainly the vocals since it's the first thing that people will focus their attention at in the beginning and today they are quite annoying (no offense). Song writing is also something that must be improved because there's almost no original moments and it will not help them get attention on themselves. My only advice is to keep on trying and try to focus on weakpoints, with better vocals and maybe more aggressivity musicwise (real power metal), it could easily be much better.

Killing Songs :
Chris quoted 55 / 100
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