Battleheart - Terror on the High Seas
Self Financed
Pirate Metal
4 songs (14:17)
Release year: 2006
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Reviewed by Jeff

Out of all the heavy metal bands that fall under the classification of Pirate Metal, Battleheart truly fits it the best! From the lyrical content to the overall feel of the music, Battleheart live and breath everything that has to do with Pirates!

Battleheart come from Scotland. "Terror on the High Seas" is the band's second E.P. released within 2006. It contains only four tracks. The band consists of Christopher Bowes (keyboards/vocals), Gavin Harper (guitars/production), Dani Evans (bass) and The Douggernaught (drums).

I would describe Battleheart's music as Grave Digger meets Bal-Sagoth meets Children of Bodom meets Running Wild. The lead vocalist sounds like a mix of Captain Barbarosa (from "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movie) and that of vocalist Chris Boltendahl from Grave Digger. The fanfare keyboard orchestrations, such as the brass instruments and synth strings, sound very similar to that of Bal-Sagoth; a bit cheesy sounding but they work none the less. The keyboard synth reed solo runs are very reminiscent to those used by keyboardist Janne Warman (Children of Bodom). The guitar sound and drum patterns have traces of Running Wild.

The production on this E.P. is ok for something self financed. It's a bit thin in some areas. The drums sound synthetic as if a drum machine was used. The snare drum is also very gated, too much for my tastes. The growling vocals are not great as far as range or tone of voice goes but they do fit the music perfectly as far as that Pirate like snarl! The guitars have a metallic crunch to them.

The music is pretty up beat, occasionally reaching some very thrashy moments. At times it sounds like heavy metal polka because of the folk influences! "The Curse of Captain Morgan" is an instrumental orchestration piece similar to those found on Bal-Sagoth albums. This leads into "Set Sail and Conquer", which is driven by a galloping guitar riff, speedy double bass drum kicks and royal like keyboard fanfare fills. "Terror on the High Seas" thrashes things up a bit. However, the hi-hats and cymbals sound cheap when played at faster beats per minute. The E.P. closes out with "Wenches And Mead". I can't help but envision a bunch of drunken rugby players in a bar hassling some hoes! The keyboard accordion sounds in this song add a nice atmosphere to the Pirate Metal style.

"Terror on the High Seas" is an E.P. that attempts to take the listener on an adventurous journey. The only downside is that the journey is over before it begins. I hope the next Battleheart album is longer!

Battleheart is one of those bands that has a characteristic about them which is going to help keep them noticed within the heavy metal realm.

Both of the bands E.P.'s are available for download, free! Just go to the link on the top of this review. They also have a My Space page, just click here.



Killing Songs :
Wenches and Mead, Terror on the High Seas
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