Iron Savior - Dark Assault
Noise Records
Speed Metal
12 songs (61'22)
Release year: 2001
Iron Savior, Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris

Iron Savior's new full length album is finally here. After my disappointment with the Interlude album, I was putting my expectation very high since Piet's last full album Unification is amongst the best ones in my collection. So what did the savior made of metal ?

The first listens were more than inconclusive since I couldn't find anything to my liking. Except a couple of songs I couldn't find any good Iron Savior songs... god I was wrong. You see, Iron Savior music is not catchy and easy, the consequence of that is that it's very unlikely that one like it at the first listens... I remembered it did the same effect for me with Unification, so after putting the CD at rest for more than a week, on a foggy morning I decided to play the CD again, to my astonishment this wasn't the same CD anymore, it had grown in me during the time I had not listened it and today it's stronger than ever. The CD isn't as good as Unification to me, but that's the best next thing. Impressive again, Piet will transport you into a Sci-fi universe filled with epic battles in which you may even imagine yourself inside a starfighter, killing forces of evil fighting with great courage. The music is fast, very fast, the melodies are few but once they found their way into your synaptic pathways, there's no way there coming out of there any day soon. Kai's song is pretty cool, called Solar Wings, it will undoubtedly remind you of Gamma Ray. So From Seek And Destroy, to Firing The Guns, passing by Solar Wings, Made Of Metal and Eye Of The World, this new Iron Savior is a pure jewel of Epic Speed Metal. Last but not least, an excellent Judas' cover song : Delivering The Goods.

Only bug disappointment would be the booklet which looks like it been done by an amateur... that's too bad cause I'm amongst the people who love to have nice collecting albums. Of course the music inside is much more important to me, but I think it's time for Piet to really consider reviewing the designs of his albums, cause so far I haven't seen one that really was cool and it seems it even gets worse with time. The concept of this one is okay, but the realization is awful. The artcover for example looks like its been done in 20 minutes (seriously !), and still I have the feeling that under that same amount of time I would have done it better... Something to think about for next albums I guess.

Details aside, once again, I must kneel in front of the savior made of metal, and pledge allegiance. So in the end if you liked Unification, there's a pretty good chance that you're losing your time reading me and should already be on your way to your favorite metal store.

Killing Songs :
Seek And Destroy, Solar Wings, Made Of Metal, Firing The Guns, Eye Of The World.
Chris quoted 85 / 100
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