The Angelic Process - Coma Waering (Reissue)
Paradigms Recordings
Drone Metal / Shoegazer
8 songs (41:00)
Release year: 2006
The Angelic Process, Paradigms Recordings
Reviewed by Misha
Surprise of the month

Lately, it’s become more and more evident that the relatively strict boundaries of metal can be stretched by one of the deepest and least visible roots of metal: early minimalism. Sixties drone minimalism had already made its big entry in metal in the form of numerous drone metal bands, which are now gaining importance and recognition. Modern genres that are more directly derived from minimalism than metal is, such as post-rock and some forms of prog- and krautrock, had a crushing impact on the scene more recently, a name like Pelican demonstrates this adequately.

At first, Coma Waering reminds of the galactic noise of Darkspace, but that comparison soon changes into the notion that something much more extraterrestrial controls this record. What Pelican did with post-rock, The Angelic Process does to shoegaze, merging two styles flawlessly into something that fits in both compartments, or neither one of them. Most pieces are built up on tribal drumming as powerful and epic as plate tectonics. It serves as a solid foundation for the massive walls of distorted drone noise that threaten anyone who stands before them. The down tuned bass vibration is extremely deep and gets right into the stomach. For a drone record, however, this release is actually most accessible. The shoegazing organ is responsible for a lot of dreamy melancholy, and although the melodies and textures are often complex, the shear power and sorrow that is put into them takes away all effort it might cost to understand this kind of music. It makes aware of the void inside, but simultaneously fills it with grave rumble. I might add that this is looked at from a point of view that is comfortable with heavier music.

Although the band definitely has a noise background, the duo is software-less in this project. It’s easily heard and appreciated that they entered the genre from an art perspective (and maybe history), not from the typical “band” origin that we see more than enough in metal. The band’s more direct influences are easy to guess, the band itself mentions Neurosis, Swans and My Bloody Valentine in the shoegaze department, but one can also think of Slowdive and obviously lots of noise.

Coma Waering came out in 2003, but due to its highly limited release, it is now reissued. It’s a fine example of unpretentious yet uncompromising music art that is no less profound than it is listenable. A refined and classy doorway between genres that are not so easily connected, and of course, a pleasure to listen to.

Killing Songs :
Coma Waering
Misha quoted 80 / 100
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