Far 'N' High - Far 'N' High
Brennus Music
Prog Metal
13 songs (62'00)
Release year: 1999
Brennus Music
Reviewed by Danny

Far 'N' High is a French band and this is their first work. I have receive the promo directly from the French label Brennus. They told me this record has been a big success for the label. I trust them as this first Far 'N' High shot is a good prog-power metal record.

Atually, is is a quiet prog-power metal and Far 'N' High will have to digest the Dream Theater influence. I know it is always the case with the first album (this include also Blind Guardian for the song-writting, even though Far 'N' High plays a much slower metal), but there are two other things that need to be solved by this band if they want to emerge from the French scene.

The first one is their style : Far 'N' High are going in too many different directions. From prog metal to power metal, this album is not always linear. They are searching the path, that's for sure, but from the first song, which is really powerful, to some others songs which are almost "sleeping ballads", they must find the right equilibium. Jumping from one style to another in the same song requires perfect breaks and if they can improve this, the band has the potential to go quite far and high (...sorry).

Secondly, Far 'N' High's singer will have to improve his vocals, especially the higher notes, 'cause he is "trapped" in a range and he is unable to give different atmosphere to the songs. I will say that there are some "cut and paste" and this cd could have been smaller for the same result. Musically there are lots of ideas and lots of good one. Song like How Do You Fell, There Comes The Day & Attraction Of Fire are the direction to follow... for my taste of course. Keep on going guys.

Killing Songs :
How Do You Fell, There Comes The Day, Attraction Of Fire
Danny quoted 73 / 100
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