Dimentianon - Promo 2005
Paragon Records
Black Death Doom Metal
4 songs (22'29")
Release year: 2005
Dimentianon, Paragon Records
Reviewed by Alex

Some bands choose an interesting way to get traction. For example, the US death/black/doom crew Dimentianon chose to go out with another demo of theirs, despite having a couple of full-length albums out on Paragon Records. The band must have some internal connection to Paragon I am unaware of, as the label, in turn, chooses to enclose the demo with some of its other mailings. Besides, one of Dimentianon’s guitarists J. Fogarazzo is the moving force behind the funeral doom outfit Rigor Sardonicous, which art I find quite hard to stomach.

Four track demo represents underground metal not afraid to mix quite a few of the extreme styles. Muffled and hollow riffs from Norwegian BM School can change at the moment’s notice into a doomy power chords making for a staggering transition (Your Flesh is Mine to Exploit). Ear tearing buzzsaw old style Norse solos and monotonous guitar grow in might and heftiness before exploding into Gorgorothian style Norsecore (To Be Crowned King and Stabbed to Death). Azrael sees the band marrying same Norwegian style BM (Kampfar comes to mind) with more modern, defined and up front guitar, galloping Maiden riffs, gloomy bells and meaty outro before one final burst. Two guitars, detuned buzzsaw and the other, much more clearly defined, often meet momentarily to proceed further on diverging paths to emptiness on Bloodshed from a Black Rose.

If anything this isn’t stagnant, just because it is so varied. Vocals follow suit, black metal screeches interspersed with low grunts, and even adding a few hardcore screams (Bloodshed from a Black Rose, To Be Crowned King and Stabbed to Death) which I felt were out of place. Dimentianon rolls into one fine mess Mayhem chaos and Emperor layering, Morbid Angel technicality, funeral doom and NYC hardcore aggression. This demo moves from a swirl to a chill to a boot in the ass effortlessly. Versatility and extreme nature of this effort left me impressed, but on the surface lack of cohesion did not make me a fan.

Killing Songs :
To Be Crowned King and Stabbed to Death
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