Obsession - Carnival of Lies
Metal Mayhem Music
Power Metal
12 songs (49:46)
Release year: 2006
Metal Mayhem Music
Reviewed by Jeff
Surprise of the month

Obsession is yet another heavy metal band from the 1980's whose formation ended as fast as it began. They managed to put out an EP and two LP's within a three year period. Unfortunately, they broke up sometime in 1987.

It's been almost nineteen years since Obsession's last album, "Methods of Madness". Their newest release, "Carnival of Lies", proves that the band still has what it takes to put out a quality album.

"Carnival of Lies" is an album that I would have totally missed out on had it not been for the internet. Surfing heavy metal news sites and visiting webpages of the band was the only reason I was even able to learn about this release.

Had I not read the CD booklet, I would have never known that the only two original members left in the band are vocalist Mike Vescera and drummer Jay Mezias. With that said, new bassist Chris McCarvil, new guitarist John Bruno and new guitarist Scott Bolan really nail down the classic styles and sounds of past Obsession releases. From the riffs, time changes and chord progressions to the guitar solos and basslines, these guys seem as if they were in the band from the very beginning. They are a true asset to the team. Mike Vescera has not lost his range or power vocally and sounds just as good now as he ever did. Drummer Jay Mezias demonstrates that his drumming is the driving force behind the power in Obsessions music.

"Carnival of Lies" was produced in Mike Vescera's home studio. The album is not as polished sounding as their past releases. In fact, for me, this album has a raw feel to it. The quality sounds like that of a really good pre-production demo. It is not over produced. The guitars seem to be way out in the mix, slightly overpowering the drums, which sound a bit muddy. However, I like the feel and overall sound of this CD.

The songs have alot of energy to them with the double bass drumming, blistering guitar solos, and soaring vocals. Some of the highlights track wise is the band's re-recording of "Marshall Law", which first appeared on their EP back in 1984. This updated version really kicks some ass and brings a new appreciation to the song.

One thing I have to mention is that initial copies of "Carnival of Lies" had a mastering error. Track nine, "Written In Blood", abruptly cut off with about fifteen seconds left in the song. I contacted both the band and Metal Mayhem, who were more than aware of the problem and accepted any defects in exchange for a corrected copy. The band was nice enough to include an extra CD booklet signed by everyone. Very cool!

I'm really glad that "Carnival of Lies" was released. It's a complimentary addition to past Obsession albums like "Methods of Madness" and "Scarred for Life", both of which to this very day continue to receive a fair amount of play in my MP3 player.

"Carnival of Lies" is just one of the few surprises of 2006 worth checking out! It's unfortunate that the only way this CD is going to make any kind of impact is through strong word of mouth and loyal fan support! Buy now!

Killing Songs :
In For The Kill, Carnival of Lies, Imagining, Pure Evil, Judas, Playin' Dead, Marshall Law
Jeff quoted 77 / 100
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