Tigertailz - Bezerk 2.0
Melodic Hard Rock / Glam
12 songs (48:52)
Release year: 2006
Reviewed by Mike

Well, here's a reunion that I was surprised to see. Actually, with all the reunions taking place these days, I shouldn't be surprised, should I? When I first saw the cover to Bezerk 2.0, I thought it was some sort of reissue of the well known Bezerk album released by Tigertailz in 1990. Sure enough, this is a new album, and it is most definitely a play on the original Bezerk album that launched the band into the limelight back during the heyday of glam. As the name implies, the band plays on this album as time has not changed. Bezerk 2.0 very truly could have been released in 1991 after Bezerk, and gone over very well. Whether or not there are still enough Tigertailz fans left in 2006 paying attention remains to be seen, but this is one of the better "reunion" albums from 80's era bands that I've heard recently. Confusingly, there is another Tigertailz band floating around out there. This other band is fronted by original Tigertailz vocalist Steevi James. James was booted from Tigertailz after the debut album, Young and Crazy for his drunkenness and fighting. Kim Hooker took over lead vocal duties for the band subsequent to that, and appeared on Bezerk, Banzai, and Wazbones. Original bassist Pepsi Tate joins Kim Hooker in this version of Tigertailz for the release of Bezerk 2.0.

This album surprised me in two facets: the band actually stays true to their glam roots (something that not too bands have the guts to do these days), and the music is actually very good! The album title paints a very accurate picture of what this album sounds like. It is very much in the vein of the original Bezerk. Often called "England's answer to Poison," I've always thought that generalization shortchanges the band. To my ears, Tigertailz has more musical talent than Posion, and they release better album from start to finish. Additionally, Tigertailz' songwriting is a lot more creative than prototypical 80's glam bands from the LA scene. Bezerk 2.0 is another example of this.

While songs such as Do It Up, One Beat of Your Heart, TVOD, and Sugar Fever are amongst the many glam-o-rific songs on this album that make you think it's 1986 and not 2006, Bezerk 2.0 does have some interesting twists. I Believe is a ballad that features a huge, catchy chorus line with the use of a choir. It is a diversion from the typical Tailz sound, but they really do it quite well as the song has a huge sound that is delivered with much passion and urgency. Falling Down is a catchy songs that features a dominating tribal feel. There are some tribal chants and instrumentations uses throughout the song, but everything comes together in such a way that it works. Again, this is a deviation from usual Tailz sound, but the core Tigertailz attitude and sound is there, just with an interesting twist. Make Me Bleed and For Hate'z Sake take on a more sinister tone than one might expect, but are both very much a classic Tigertailz sounding tracks. For Hate'z Sake is a spoof on married life, with Accept like gang chorus lines mixed in with the signature harmonized vocals of the verses. Make Me Bleed features some riffs that border on metal territory, something that a band like Poison couldn't have done, especially with CC Deville on guitars. I also like Make Me Bleed as it manages to combines heaviness and a dark tone with some clearly glam-o-rific harmony vocals. On the surface, it may not sound like these two elements would mix well, but like the other twists Tigertailz have given us, it comes together just perfectly in this instance.

The balance of the album is firmly grounded in classic Tigertailz glam rock, and I struggle to find a song that I don't like. Big, cheesy harmony vocals, catchy melodies, and that 80's attitude are dripping from each of these songs. Not one of these songs will fail to stick in your mind after one spin of this album. If you occasionally don't mind listening to music in a time warp, particularly in a spandex and mullet loving 80's galmfest time warp, Bezerk 2.0 is right up your alley. While the band has clearly stayed true to their roots, they have made a real attempt to add some interesting elements into their sound. However, the band never deviates from their core sound in order to deliver a twist. Although glam music and quality songwriting aren't always associated together (particularly in the late 80's when glam saturated the market), Bezerk 2.0 is an example of great glam with excellent songwriting. This is not a cash grab effort of a washed up 80's band, band a result of a well written album that stays true the band's roots and attitude that it was founded on.

Killing Songs :
Do It Up, One Beat of Your Heart, Falling Down, Make Me Bleed, Sugar Fever
Mike quoted 82 / 100
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