Chinchilla - Madness
MetalBlade Records
Melodic Power Metal
12 songs (49'30)
Release year: 2000
Chinchilla, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

It's always a special thing to see a band growing. Previous Chinchilla's record didn't impressed me at all. It was too quiet, too linear for my taste. But here comes Madness, the kind of album that can change the history of a band. At least, this is what I hope for them, 'cause with such a band name, good luck to stir up interest from the metal kids out there !

After a typical intro, Fight (first song) explodes my brain. Fast, hyper melodic, a typical German power metal song that stays in your mind forever. Freedom continues this melodic power metal dance. Chinchilla always try to put melodies in their chorus, with lots of success actually. Ok, their chorus are typical German metal hymn, but who gives a sh*t when it is done that way. Congratulation guys! Songs like Queen Of The Rain & Madness are already classic in my heart.

We are totally diving in the 80's here. Helloween & Maiden are very present in this Madness (especially guitar riffs). But comparing Chinchilla to Maiden or to the 80's will not be fair. This band has added some personal elements and there is a big winner here : the singer. Thomas Laasch is simply amazing : imagine a kind of clone between Ron Atkins (Pretty Maids), Joacim Cans (Hammerfall) and Tobias Sammet (Edguy). One of the best singer discovery of this year, with Andy Frank (Brainstorm & Symphorce).

Last but not least, there is a cover song of Kiss : I Stole Your Love. You know I am a big fan of Kiss and this cover is really cool. It starts with the famous "You want the best, you got the best". I will not compare here the singer with Paul Stanley, but I am still asking myself if Chinchilla recorded that one??? It is the exact same song (voice, tunes, effects) as the one on Kiss' Alive II ... without the crowd. Congratulation again for this unbelievable cover song!!!

For all kids out there who love heavy, true & melodic metal. This is Christmas and as you know, the best gift is the one we buy for ourselves. Don't miss this gift for nothing !!!

Killing Songs :
The whole "Madness" album !!!
Danny quoted 90 / 100
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