Gutrix - Mushroom Songs
Diamond Records
Heavy / Rock with some prog elements
12 songs (47'02)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris
Crap of the month

Gutrix... Yeah, well why not, at least it's an original name I guess. As for Mushroom Songs, well, let's see if everything else is original.

Gutrix features members from Mercyful Fate, a band that I admit I don't like that much ! The first feeling out of the first song is a mix between Heavy Metal and Rap, a style of music I can't bear. And probably the worst thing you can do or the best one if you want to make me angry is to start a conversation about Rap music. The music is not ordered, it flies all over the place without any good melodies, nor vocal to hold on too... for me this is a total disaster !

I was honestly counting on the second song to make it up... but no, it's even worse... The third song is the best so far, but the vocal sucks all the way and this one is no exception. The guitar riff is alone (only one riff repeating over and over again) and there's nothing but a mix of instruments in disorder that achieve a very poor result. Although I'm no fan of Mercyful Fate I must say that MF is ten times better (at least :) ) than what I've heard here with this Gutrix CD

The songs are empty, nothing to grab on to and I'm having a very bad day already since I had the terrible idea to put this CD into my player...

Unless I went crazy : these are 47 minutes of my life I won't get back.

Killing Songs :
And the CD flew out the window
Chris quoted 5 / 100
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