65DaysOfStatic - One Time For All Time
Monotreme Records
Post-Rock with Drill'n'Bass elements
9 songs (37:00)
Release year: 2005
Monotreme Records
Reviewed by Misha

Just when most DJs mindlessly copy their unoriginal excuses for music, when most laptop kids can’t create the atmosphere of a concert, no matter how brilliant their beats are programmed, and when post-rock falls into the repetitions of a nearly dried out genre, comes a band that takes the best out of everything, to warp it into something completely new.

After their previous attack, The Fall Of Math, 65DaysOfStatic seem to have taken a slightly less aggressive approach to their music. Do not consider this a drastic change though, racing your neighbourhood with 90 or 100 miles per hour does not make too much of a difference. Their essence remains the same: release a fury of pure emotion upon the listener. Let your art blast through their speakers to compromise for everything that is wrong with the world. The trademark post-rock crescendos are rarely finished and merge into furious drill’n’bass onslaughts, brilliantly entwined with the conventional drums.

As I am writing this, with a glass of whisky in one hand, at a candlelit wooden table in my wildflower garden that is arched by a sky of Chinese wisteria, a sorrowful climbing vine named “blue rain” in my native language, the last song on the record, Radio Protector, passes by. It is now I realize I have not laid enough emphasis on what melancholy this masterpiece holds. While the piano has absolutely no problem transmitting the intentional sorrow, the guitars are truly responsible for the mad, relentless sense of dread that is the atmosphere of this album. It is the grief of the beast absent of a happy ending, the elephant man contemplating suicide, just basically any compassion for the ugly duckling that didn’t turn into a swan, all that packed in six hateful strings. Climbing On Rooftops being a blooming example.

In the name of the quality of this band, or my lack of knowledge, I can only name one accurate comparison, Mountain Men Anonymous. And even if they may incorporate most of the emotion present here, the blazing breakbeats of 65DaysOfStatic sum into more hate than those found on a Mountain Men Anonymous record. And that is not because it’s cool to fuck up a piano solo with static beats flying around, but just because it has to be, driven into the corner with no way out.

I’ll write the last line to this review now, lay back with another glass of scotch, and wonder why I have not listened to One Time For All Time for so long, over another spin.

MP3: 65DaysOfStaticAwait Rescue

Note: In time this link will likely become outdated.

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Misha quoted 90 / 100
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