The Haunted - Made Me Do It
Earache Records
Thrash (with Heavy/Death influences)
11 songs (36'11)
Release year: 2000
The Haunted, Earache Records
Reviewed by Marc
Album of the month

Why didn't anyone tell them that a standard CD can hold more than 74 minutes of music? The poor guys are forced to play faster than hell and bombastic songs after bombastic songs while not wasting a second!! I hope they were still alive at the end, most listeners certainly won't be.

How could they have survived this explosion of killing thrash riffs? How could they resist to the brutal vocals (ranging from clear voice to death metal or even distorted). But that's not all, the great guitar melodies and solos inspired by melodic death metal or even heavy are there to put the most resilient metalhead out of his misery. The wide variety of great sounds is there to witness the great work of the production.

Some quick facts: The booklet is very nice. It looks like the diary of a serial killer but there is no track list on the back of limited edition which is annoying. The guitarist Jensen also plays in Witchery, if you like The Haunted you'll probably like it too.

Since this record is very complex and fast it might take a few listening to fully understand and appreciate it. Go buy this thrash album of the year or be condemned to an eternity of Britney Spears. And remember, if after listening to it you go postal, tell the police that the Haunted made you do it.

Killing Songs :
Bury Your Dead, The World Burns, Human Debris
Marc quoted 94 / 100
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