Ministry - Rantology
Industrial Metal / Thrash
15 songs (76'31)
Release year: 2005
Ministry, Sanctuary
Reviewed by Marty
Rantology is a sort of "best of" package by industrial metal pioneers Al Jourgensen and company but this time, he has gone back over the band's entire catalogue and hand picked tracks from their 25 year history to be remixed, re-worked and in some cases updated. There's also three live tracks as well as a sneak peak at their upcoming album Rio Grande Blood with a new track called The Great Satan.

A quick look at the tracks sees an updated version of NWO from their classic Psalm 69 album in which voice clips from George W. Bush are added in with the original voices of his father George Bush Sr. who was president at the time of the original recording (he really doesn't like either of these two very much does he?). I really didn't notice all that much difference in the (apparently) remixed classic Jesus Built My Hotrod other than the new introduction provided by Butthole Surfers front man Gibby Haynes. The track Unsung (originally from Animositisomium) has bagpipes and other sound effects added as well as other sound effects and some different vocals that act as interpretations of the events of 9/11. Bloodlines is taken from a track that Al did for the video game Vampire: The Bloodlines and really sounds a lot like the track So What from A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste. For No W Redux (a re-working of a track from Houses Of The Mole), a new operatic aria featuring Martha Cooper is added to th intro. For the track Stigmata, this one gets a total re-working with all new vocals and some new guitar tracks as well as a remixing of the existing ones.

For the live tracks, we get three songs that were recorded during the 2002 Sphinctour with Thieves Live In Seattle, Psalm 69 and The Fall. Finally, we get Al's new scathing attack against George W in The Great Satan in which he labels him as the man who will likely be responsible for the fall of mankind.

This is a cool package but a curious one in that some of the more popular tracks are not featured here so it's not really a greatest hits package. This package is more self-serving in that it allows Al Jourgensen to re-work past songs to fit his current political views and the major issues that he has with the current Bush administration. I guess that's why the hybrid title of Rantology being a combination of "rant" and "anthology". This guy holds no punches and as long as you know what you're in for with this CD, it's worth picking up. However, this one's only recommended for serious fans, as this is pretty much the target audience for this release. Al and company are due to release their new album Rio Grande Blood in May and judging by The Great Satan and the front cover of the new album, George W better not rest too comfortably, Al Jourgensen is still on a tear.

Killing Songs :
No W Redux, The Great Satan, Jesus Built My Hotrod (Update Mix) and Psalm 69 (live)
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