Jungle Rot - Darkness Foretold
Crash Music
Death Thrash Metal
7 songs (27'10")
Release year: 2006
Jungle Rot, Crash Music
Reviewed by Alex

Here is another one in the recent Crash Music list of re-releases, and the timing and necessity of it puzzles somewhat. This does have a smell of a “commitment” release. Is the label trying to announce the band’s signing? Is Jungle Rot suggesting Darkness Foretold as the way to start the contract? Regardless, this EP was first issued in 1998 by the popular SOD magazine and thus never received the proper distribution. Three live tracks of even earlier than 1998 vintage, three covers and only one new, at the time, title track, the EP is a find for the die-hard fans, but would not do much else for the general purveyors of death metal genre.

Incorporation of three covers on the EP, Agent Orange by Sodom, Fight til’ Death by Slayer and Jesus Hitler by Carnivore, served two purposes for Jungle Rot circa 1998. They were most definitely proclaiming their arrival and declaring their influences simultaneously. Never outright brutal and never overly melodic, Jungle Rot is playing the covers in line with how their brand of death/thrash eventually evolved. Guitars are not very cutting in their sound, almost drony, the riffs are played fast, but lack punch and seem a little smeared for my tastes. The production here is definitely more old school thrash than modern death metal, but Slayer was always much more hard hitting and sharper than Jungle Rot conveyed. Jesus Hitler (I had to look this song up, as I was not familiar with the fact Peter from Type O Negative was ever involved in a Brooklyn based thrash band) is a little heavier in sound, almost melodic courtesy of the creators, with the addition of a finger tapping lead.

The title track showed off Jungle Rot style of song writing, mixing in blasts, thrash, a catchy riff, slowdown … and tying this altogether in one round about composition. The voice of the band’s mainman Dave Matrise can’t be confused with a growl, but a rather a hollow scowl, periodically changed for a throat ripping scream.

Live tracks didn’t change my opinion with the sound clear, but definitely not powerful enough, especially in the drum department. The audience is participating, however, so the loyalists were coming to the show even back in mid 90s.

Fueled by Hate was decent, and I am expecting no less from the upcoming War Zone, this EP, however, does not create an impression of a first tier death metal band.

Killing Songs :
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