Revelation Theory - Truth Is Currency
Idol Roc Entertainment
Melodic Nu-Metal
10 songs (38:17)
Release year: 2005
Revelation Theory, Idol Roc Entertainment
Reviewed by Ken

Revelation Theory is a melodic nu-metal band. RUN! Surely this will scare many of you off, but that’s unfortunate. In every genre—even genres as wholly disregarded as nu-metal—there are quality bands releasing good music and Revelation Theory are no exception. I first stumbled across this band last year while digging through the $2 used bins. I found their self-titled EP and gave it a blind shot, I wasn’t blown away by any means, but for the price it wasn’t a bad deal.

I was given the opportunity to review Truth Is Currency and I figured that the self-titled EP was a good listen so I’d like to give this band a chance to broaden their audience. I’m glad, too, because Truth Is Currency is a very good CD. I should let it be known that nothing here is new; nothing is going to strike the listener as mind-blowing or anything of the sort. What you’re going to get is very good melodic rock-influenced nu-metal. If you’ve heard Sevendust then you’re in the right area of the musical spectrum, but unlike Sevendust, who’re very inconsistent on CD, Revelation Theory keep it interesting throughout most of the album.

The album begins with two excellent, heavy rockers, “M367 (Out Of Our Hands)” and “Slowburn,” the latter being the lead-off single and one of the catchiest tunes on the CD. “After The Rain” follows and is a more melodic song, but it has a very catchy chorus, reminiscent of the sort of thing Staind are doing now. “Leaving It Up To You” is a bit heavier, and “Selfish And Cold” is more in the vein of “After The Rain;” both are solid. “Take Away” has a nice chorus, but the verses are a bit boring, nothing special, but far from bad. The album dips at “Undone,” it’s just an OK song compared to the rest so far. It’s not necessarily a bad song, but nothing grabs you forcefully and it just slowly sputters by. “Loathe” begins with a bass line very similar to Alice In Chains“Would?,” but the similarities end there. “Loathe” and “World To Burn” are like companion pieces to “Undone,” they don’t offer much to progress the album, but they’re the better two songs of the group. The album ends with the acoustic “Over The Line,” which is a great song, very mellow and relaxing with a solid hook. It’s unfortunate that the four tracks leading up to it didn’t have the impact that the first five tracks had.

Overall, not a bad CD at all, there really isn’t a bad song on the album, but some are just so much better than the other tracks that they simply pale in comparison. They’re still solid songs, but only good compared to the first half of the album. Like I said in the beginning, most of you will likely ignore this band out of hand, but if you’re into this sort of melodic nu-metal you may want to give this band a shot. They won’t wow you with unending originality, but they should entertain you with a good collection of tunes. Truth Is Currency deserves a nod.

AUDIO: Slowburn and After The Rain (Quicktime streams)

VIDEO: Slowburn (Quicktime stream)

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Killing Songs :
M367 (Out Of Our Hands), Slowburn, After The Rain and Leaving It Up To You
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