Nortt - Ligfærd
Total Holocaust Records
Blackened Funeral Doom
6 songs (46 Mins)
Release year: 2005
Nortt, Total Holocaust Records
Reviewed by Dee

From darkest Denmark hails a pale figure decked in chains and ritual white paint. He is an agent of the grave and his only motive is to impel lost souls to their doom.

The philosophy of Nortt is a simple, somewhat brutal desire to achieve death and through music, influence others to do the same. To achieve this nefarious goal, every tool of despair is utilized. Deep, harsh exhalations smother the listener like a thick fog, out of which rear solitary drumbeats like monoliths. The walls of this forbidden courtyard are sheer 20ft slabs of stone, painted with slippery oil and even more slippery production.

The courtyard is decorated with a simple mosaic of flagstones in various shades of gray, a simple tesselating pattern of hexagons; repetition is the foundation upon which this hall is built. Bells toll and peel and chants emanate from within the mausoleum, but you have been locked outside, alone, to starve.

Such is the imagery of Nortt. No listener can hope to remain untouched by this otherworldly atmosphere; it all but forces the imagination to take over, musing on bitterness and solitude, and the futility of one's day to day achievements.

If this sounds like I'm describing Nortt's previous releases to you, then you are partially correct; the conceptual continuity in his work is virtually unmatched, concerning songtitles as well as the music. However, this particular funerary dirge appears to the reviewer to be superior to "Gudsforladt", his previous release. Fans of his defining work, "Graven", along with those who enjoy bands such as Tyranny and Pantheist will be rewarded for their patience.

Killing Songs :
Vanhellig, Dodsrune
Dee quoted 81 / 100
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