Banished - Hail Sejtan
3 songs (11'12")
Release year: 2005
Reviewed by Alex

I do not know if other reviewers re-read their reviews. I do, on occasion, especially when the occasion happens to be the follow-up demo/album for a less known band. I am interested in comparing my own current notes with the words I attributed to this band’s previous efforts. Funny enough, the first word I put down for my Hail Sejtan review was “enthusiasm”, the same word that began the review of the previous Banished demo Feeding the Monster.

Banished, the band of Swedish death’n’roll enthusiasts, are sticking to their guns with Hail Sejtan, no doubt about that. All three tracks of this demo emanate undeniable raw, dirty and thundering sound of old school Swedish, specifically Stockholm, death’n’roll metal. Even when the sound gets cleaner, as on Just Do It, Banished can still give anyone a clinic on the guitar tone, absolutely necessary to play this style of music. Most of the time, however, there is plenty of dirt and grime riding on Daniel’s and Kristopher’s guitars, periodically alternating with piercing solos and leads.

As required in this genre, the riffs are quite prominent, and would have been even more prominent, if the production was made a little clearer, but I have a feeling it is left mucky on purpose. Production or not, the riffs on Hail Sejtan are damn catchy, and melodies are obvious, which makes the demo easy to listen to, while also showcasing Banished fine songwriting skills. It seems that the amount of technicality on Hail Sejtan did not change much from Feeding the Monster days and it mostly comes through leading guitar. Vocalist Tony Svensson growls a la LG Petrov and Matti Karki most of the time, but there is more higher pitch shrieks this time around (backing or overlaid), which gives the demo a little bit of the hardcore tinge.

Intended not to win any progressive tags, this music is made for beer infused headbanging, just notice the rhythmic drumming pattern on Cunthunter. Tongue in cheek lyrics, bordering or treading deep into vulgarity, kinky sense of humor, Banished are looking for the record deal. This is how their one-sheet is constructed – they are open for business. People looking to sign the band reminiscent of Dismember and Entombed, especially on those of their records full of rock’n’roll vibe, will do well to consider Banished. If Three Man Recordings (essentially an old Entombed guys’ label) pick Banished up, they will have something to reminisce about, looking at themselves, oh, 10 years or so ago.

Killing Songs :
Legalize Murder, Cunthunter
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