Nachtmystium - Nachtmystium
Battle Kommand Records
Black Metal
6 songs (24'24")
Release year: 2005
Nachtmystium, Battle Kommand Records
Reviewed by Alex

Whether the ‘mystium’ part of its name is responsible, I am strangely, yes, almost mystically, drawn to Nachtmystium. I have probably started with the band on the “wrong” end, first having experienced Demise and now treading back into the discography, hoping to experience the passionate melancholic feeling Demise exuded. Eulogy IV, which came after, a limited numbered EP, an interesting offering, certainly was far away from garnering a melancholic label. Now, I am holding in my hands this self-titled MCD, an earlier than Demise installment by this US black metal band.

Just like when we taste a simple certain dish at a small off-the-beaten-path restaurant only to find it wonderful, we often keep searching for this same very dish in other similar establishments, hoping, in vain, that others would follow the similar recipe to treat our taste buds to the same experience. And just as often we are failing to notice culinary treats no less amazing searching for an elusive encounter which was meant to be unique. I hate myself for often comparing music, something highly spiritual, with food, the subject which could not have been more grounded. Yet somehow comparisons always work … Anyway, I will make a conscientious effort and take Nachtmystium 2003 MCD just reissued on Battle Kommand Records for what it is, without comparing it to Demise.

I guess you have already figured from my lengthy (unnecessary?) preamble that no melancholy is to be found on Nachtmystium self-titled offering. In fact, the music is rather epic, proud and glorious. Two slower heroic tracks The Glorious Moment and re-recorded The Call of the Ancient sandwich around three faster, more dynamic, songs. Regardless of the speed, just like on Eulogy IV Nachtmystium for me is always about the guitar, Azentrius writing some of the most immediate biting riffs. No matter the fuzz or superfast tremolo, Saber Dance explosive speed (Cold Tormentor I’ve Become), trance-like melody (Embrace Red Horizon) or unbelievable sense of impending ruin which moves the song with the disturbing sense of urgency (Come Forth, Devastation) – one can always hear individual and separate guitar riffs with Nachtmystium. Also, this MCD offers some of the most shrill guitar sound you can ever find – it is high-pitched, cutting the flesh raw. As strong as guitars are for Nachtmystium, the drums, almost on purpose, are made monotonous, steady, minimalistic. Such approach really brings out the proud melodies swaying both The Glorious Moment and The Call of the Ancient. The Glorious Moment is a call to battle, uninhibited and proud, imploring the troops to throw themselves on enemy bastions with its closing blasting attack.

Zmij’s vocals are no less shrill than the guitars. The voice comes at a listener as if the singer lungs are an airbag system at the ages-old blacksmith shop – with one powerful press huge volume of air is released powering the fire in the kiln. The whole MCD thus has a sense of tension, its strings trembling just to the point of almost rupturing, yet holding on by pure willpower. And just like tension is cut in real life, suddenly, so are the songs on Nachtmystium, not letting the listener to fully comprehend the lead crowning Come Forth, Devastation. Judas Iscariot cover closes the MCD and fits the mold.

Nachtmystium MCD is neither hauntingly beautiful nor unforgettably melancholic. It is, however, possessed with a strong sense of purposefulness. Not being an expert on kvlt status, I will declare it essential without proclaiming it grandiose. Also, lyrics would have been nice to delve deeper into these dark minds.

Killing Songs :
The Glorious Moment, Come Forth Devastation, The Call of the Ancient
Alex quoted 87 / 100
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