Genghis Tron - Cloak of Love
Crucial Blast
5 songs (12:42)
Release year: 2004
Reviewed by Aaron

Within two minutes of the first song on Genghis Tron's debut EP, Cloak of Love, you've experienced sudden outbursts of screeching Brian Livoti (Watchmaker) vocals over manic bursts of atonal grindcore punctuated with sudden injection of extreme groove, no fewer than three sudden techno breaks backed up by atmospheric keyboards, a three-or-four second jazz beat with the twiddly guitar to match, and sampled voice saying "Hey, this music sounds really good!"

And that's just the first song.

Genghis Tron are a strange-as-hell grind/techno three-piece hailing from somewhere in the USA, and they make totally whacked-out grind with doses of space-rock atmospherics and psychadelia, thick danceable techno beats like The Prodigy, and, of course, raw grindcore reminiscent of a groovier Discordance Axis with JR Hayes (Pig Destroyer) as the frontman.

The production on Cloak of Love is nothing if not pristine. The guitar sound hearkens back to The Inalienable Dreamless given a more mechanistic sheen, the vocals are distinguishable from the riffs even if what they're actually saying is a goddamn mystery, and it basically sounds just as polished as Dad's old sports trophy from 11th grade that he motions to whenever telling stories about how he mighta made it big in the NFL if it weren't for his bad knee.

The drumming is very typical for grindcore, if a tad more mechanically precise and a tad less human as a result. Few fills, mostly highspeed 'BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM' machinegunning. The techno parts borrow from a basic palette of 'everything electronic that was ever recorded or conceived of,' from hip-hop beats to London mid-90's dance-club to sudden slips into pre- Too Dark Park Skinny Puppy (mostly sounding reminiscent of VIVIsectVI), and even elevator music (about 2:10 in Rock Candy).

The songs are hard to distinguish at first listen because they follow a similar formula of interspersing grind with techno and techno with grind, but Genghis Tron demand more than one listen, and if you give in to what they demand, you'll be able to name the tracks easy if needed.

I see great things ahead for this band. They're in the studio right now, mixing an upcoming album. Personally, I can't wait.

Killing Songs :
Rock Candy, Laser Bitch, Arms, Sing Disorder
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