Cryptopsy - And Then You'll Beg
Century Media
Brutal Grind Death
9 songs (39'06)
Release year: 2000
Cryptopsy, Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

The term "brutal grinding death" has been given to countless metal bands and releases in the last decade. When Cryptosy's debut, Blasphemy Made Flesh, hit the world in 1994, there hadn't been anything released at that time that could match severity or sheer brutality of the material.

Yeah, but since 1994, six years have passed and the brutality has been "contained" and mixed with melodies (Children Of Bottom, Devin Townsend, Cradle Of Filth) and this record brings absolutely nothing new to the"brutal grind metal" style.
Actually, this style seems to have died the same day it was born.

Unless you are a die-hard fan of the band or a die-hard fan of that type of metal AND unless new bands bring new sounds & atmosphere to this "square music", I suggest you put your money elsewhere.

Killing Songs :
There are not !!!
Danny quoted 40 / 100
Aaron quoted 94 / 100
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