Anteaus - Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan
Necropolis Records
Death Metal ???
8 songs (34'05)
Release year: 2000
Necropolis Records
Reviewed by Danny
Crap of the month

Everythink "stinks" in this record. The production (I am wondering if I can use this word) is a "French joke" or what . My sons of 18 month would have done a better sound by hitting the prod' buttons randomnly. I can't really find the word for the sound of the drum. Unbelievable ... unsoundable ... unrecognizable. This is nothing more than a collection of sounds, or should I say ... noise. The guy is screaming all the time and the only think I hear is this awful "drum sound".

Hey Danny ... DANNY !!! Wake up man and hit the stop button 'cause I think your CD-player won't survive.
Pfooouu! I can't describe this sh*t. Last & least, those guys have put a message in their booklet (1 page cut in three) :
"We hope you die. Play this release at maximum. Feel the reverse voices of the dead, . their pulses & frustration".

Grow up guys 'cause you're really pathetic.

Killing Songs :
Let me think about it ... in my next life.
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