Verenperintö - Verenperintö (EP)
Dark Metal
3 songs (12.28)
Release year: 2005
Reviewed by Aleksie

With their brand of atmospheric heavy crunching, Verenperintö (Bloodheritage auf English) hails from my longtime hometown of Lappeenranta here in Finland. Their self-titled EP is the first more official release put out by the group that has had several fluxes in their line-up during its three-year existence. The three songs in here mix some interestingly different influences together.

The opener Petetty starts with doomy, slow-paced and heavy chords before picking up a mid-pace chug for the verses. Singer Anni Hänninen has a very peculiar and strong voice, similar perhaps most to a more laid back style of Sinergys Kimberly Goss or Lullacry's Tanja. She carries the songs well but I think there would be much more potential in her vocal chords if she just let it rip more freely. The song itself is a bit too sluggish and despite the moody, electronic interlude that brings welcome spices to the mix, Petetty doesnt really pick off at any point.

Sateenpiiskaaja, the second tune begins with mellow guitar leadwork and acoustic picking that speeds nicely into a distorted, more fist-raising mode in the strong choruses. Paradise Lost springs to my mind right away. Some slightly progressive drum breaks and tempo changes make for good dynamics in what is the best song off the EP. The closing track Aivan Kuin Aina Ennenkin differs very largely from the two predecesors with its opening riff alone, which has a big Korn/latter-day In Flames feel to it. The heaviest track on the disc also, providing excellent background music for pogoing around in front rows.

The songs themselves - especially the two latter ones - display great potential in all areas. I think some solos and or melodic leads behind the sung parts would have added much needed colour to the songs. Also, if the singer would have belted it out more, the brass and balls-factor in the tunes would have risen exponentially. I really believe she has it in her, just as more confidence builds with time, it should burst out. The production is fairly good for the amateur-facilities that were evidently used to record the EP. Although, as has come a custom for me on many occasions, I craved for more bass. The playing is solid, but could use more speed and explosive crunch in the future as well. Add some aggression in all ares in the future, and we should definitely have something going here.

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