Obituary - Frozen In Time
Roadrunner Records
Groove Oriented Death Metal
10 songs (34.12)
Release year: 2005
Obituary, Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Jeff
Major event

Before I start this review, I have to admit that I'm not very familiar with Obituary's musical catalog. For review purposes, it wouldn't be fair for me to try and even compare "Frozen In Time" with such classics as "Slowly We Rot" and "Cause of Death". In fact, from the information I have gathered, the earlier albums are much different and really can't be compared to this new release. Also, what good does it do the reader of this review for me to mention comparisons to albums that they might not be familiar with as well?

I recently purchased "Back from the Dead" and "Frozen In Time" through the BMG music service. I didn't even know that Obituary had a new album out until I read about it on BMG's site. I even read a number of reviews on for "Frozen In Time" prior to buying it. Aside from that, I have also been listening to the album non stop. With that said, I feel I can clearly make objective and non biased comments just on that alone, which should make this review quite genuine.

It's been eight years since Obituary's last studio album, "Back from the Dead". The direction of the album was met with mixed reviews by both fans and critics alike. Although it has its moments, the creative ideas for "Back from the Dead" seemed rushed and uninspired. At that time the band realized there wasn't any point in continuing and disbanded.

One thing I also didn't know was Alan West's involvement with Obituary. In fact, I'm much more familiar with his contributions in Six Feet Under. I was a bit disappointed when I found out he left the band after "Warpath"; a fine death metal release.

"Frozen In Time" is an appropriate title for this album. Musically, not much has changed for Obituary since "Back from the Dead". Even the same line up returns: John Tardy (vocals), Allen West (lead guitar), Trevor Peres (rhythm guitar), Frank Watkins (bass) and Donald Tardy (drums). For me, I feel "Frozen In Time" sounds alot more like Six Feet Under (Alan West era). The music is very groove and rhythm oriented. The tempos range from slow, (almost Candlemass meets Black Sabbath doom speeds), to mid paced with some upbeat moments as well. The riffs are simple, with some guitar solos. The production is very good, courtesy of Mark Prator and Scott Burns. Overall, "Frozen In Time" doesn't reinvent the wheel. But I think the one thing that makes this album worth the purchase is that the songs are catchy and memorable. "Frozen In Time" clocks in at 34:12 and only has ten tracks, which are probably the two main reasons why one will find it very easy to familiarize themselves with the songs only after a few spins.

One of the highlights for me is the first track; the instrumental "Redneck Stomp". The opening riff sets up the direction of the song and will immediately grab you and sink in quickly. It's slow to mid paced tempo does give the listener a feel for wanting to "stomp" whatever comes near your feet! "On The Floor", "Stand Alone" and "Lockjaw" are three of the more thrashier tracks with guitar solos. I also really dig the tribal like drum patterns in "Slow Death", which give the song the mood of something very agonizing and painful!.

As much as I like this album and as much as I wanted to score it in the high 80's or 90's, I had to take into consideration our rating definitions and apply them to the characteristics found within the songs. As I mentioned earlier, "Frozen In Time" doesn't reinvent the wheel, but I do credit Obituary for giving it a number of spins and somehow creating one of the more enjoyable Death Metal releases for me this year. Also, I wish they would have included lyrics to the songs, though most of the time you can make out what Tardy is saying vocally. If you like groove oriented Death Metal, than I highly recommend "Frozen In Time".

I'm really glad I found out about "Frozen In Time". I think it would have been a shame not to have had this reviewed. Not since X-Sinner's "The Angry Einsteins - Cracked" has an album interested me enough to want to invest in some of the earlier stuff. Just the other day I ordered the two for one disc sets of "Slowly We Rot"/"Cause of Death" and "The End Complete"/"World Demise".

Obituary come from the same breeding ground as Death. In alot of ways, Obituary sound like older styled Death, especially from a vocal standpoint ("Scream Bloody Gore", "Leprosy" and "Spiritual Healing" era). I feel they have contributed alot to the Florida Death Metal scene and made a niche for themselves as a major player in the genre of Death Metal. It's nice to see one of the true innovators back in the game


Killing Songs :
Redneck Stomp, Lockjaw, Mindset, Stand Alone, Denied
Jeff quoted 79 / 100
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