Absolute Steel - Womanizer
Black Lotus Records
80's Heavy Metal
9 songs (40:55)
Release year: 2005
Absolute Steel, Black Lotus
Reviewed by Mike

Womanizer is the second album from Absolute Steel, a followup to their 2002 debut, The Fair Bitch Project. This Norwegian quintet is playing pure 80’s heavy metal that many may dismiss as outdated, immature, or a cheap rip off of a genre that wore out its welcome years ago. Without a doubt, there is no originality here, and the lyrics are over the top. However, the music is well executed, melodic, and fun to listen to. If you enjoy what bands such as Snakeryder and Seven Ten are doing, Absolute Steel is likely another band that you can add to your list.

With song titles such as High Heels and Fishnet Stockings, Beer Run, Rough Love, and Juicy Lucy, you know that you’re not getting a deep introspective lyrical album. Instead, you’re getting a party metal straight out of the 1980’s that deals with such topics as massive beer parties, easy women, driving fast, and more sex. While the guys certainly use a very humorous, not so serious approach to their lyrics, the musical aspect of the sound is surprisingly good. The riff work is outstanding, not too far at all from 80’s style Judas Priest at times. Also, Dave Bomb and Andy Boss team up to deliver some sizzling dual guitar work throughout the album. While the lyrics are simple ala Poison or Warrant, the guitar work is much more on the melodic metal side of the spectrum, and much more hard hitting (and technically sound) that a typical 80’s glam band. If you combine the badass attitude of Motley Crue, ridiculous lyrics of Poison, and the guitar work of early to mid 80’s Judas Priest, you’ll have a good idea of what Absolute Steel is all about. The songs are each memorable as the band has a nice sense of melody, and employs powerful backing vocals to emphasize the melodies. All in all, the songwriting is pretty good, and the technical execution is that of seasoned metal veterans. On a different note that needs to be mentioned, Juicy Lucy is total parody of acoustic ballads that is so over the top ridiculous, it’s absolutely great. “I was caught between her thighs; she had hunger in her eyes. Like an angel from above, she fit just like a glove.” This is no sentimental tear jerker like Something to Believe In or Every Rose Has its Thorn. When you listen to this acoustic “ballad,” you’ll definitely get a chuckle, and probably laugh every time you see some concertgoers holding up their lighter while a sappy ballad is playing. This is definitely a new spin on acoustic ballads.

The album ends with two instrumental tracks, with the better of the two being Opus Suite. After hearing some not-so-serious party metal for the rest of the album, this 7+ minute neoclassical instrumental tracks really shows off the talent of the band. I tend to get bored with the majority of instrumentals that show up on albums, but this one is actually worthwhile for the entire duration. One complaint though; at 9 total tracks at just under 41 minutes, 2 tracks and eleven minutes are instrumental. That makes for an awful short albums as far as true “songs” go. To me, that just makes me think that the band plopped 2 instrumental tracks on to the end of the album to just barely get it into “full length” territory. The debut album featured 12 tracks, so I’m a little surprised with the lack of material this time around. As it stands, I feel the album is a good 3 songs short of having “enough” material for my tastes.

Aside from the comment on the length of the album, the material that is here is excellent party metal. This would be the perfect album for a Saturday night party with friends and beer, or for driving on the highway on a summer afternoon with the windows down. In general, if you like melodic metal 80’s style and have a sense of humor when it comes to music, Womanizer is an album worth checking out. I do think the band’s debut is stronger, so if you like this album, definitely seek out the debut.

Killing Songs :
High Heels & Fishnet Stockings, Beer Run, Kick, Too Slow Above
Mike quoted 70 / 100
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