Sentenced - Crimson
Century Media
Dark Metal
11 songs (59'56)
Release year: 2000
Sentenced, Century Media
Reviewed by Chris

Well....for sure it is a Sentenced album...and that's also perhaps why I think some people could be a bit disappointed with it. Don't misunderstand me, if you've liked the band's last pieces, you're gonna love "Crimson", even if it certainly lacks originality. Somehow it's always the same songs, over and over. The band tried some vocal effects on some tracks in order to change things, but I must admit the result isn't that convincing, at least not on all tracks. Another personal point : I love Sentenced (last 3 albums) and I'm not unhappy that "Crimson" sounds a lot like "Down" or "Frozen". A long time ago I've discovered a band called Running Wild and loved the album I've bought that day (Black Hand Inn). Somehow after listening to all of their followings albums, I found out that it was always the same sound. OK, but Running Wild would not be what they are today if they haven't created their own style. The same rule is happening here with Sentenced, even if we can easily find some Rage or Metallica inspiration from their style, but they're somehow creating their own. So to conclude this review, if you like Sentenced, and if you're not looking for a brand new sound or direction for the band, you'll like "Crimson" very much.

Killing Songs :
Bleed In My Arms, Killing Me Killing You, No More Beating As One, Broken.
Chris quoted 80 / 100
Alex quoted 93 / 100
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