Towersound - Towersound
Brennus Music
Melodic Heavy / Power Metal
12 songs (65:46)
Release year: 2005
Brennus Music
Reviewed by Mike
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Towersound is a French threesome with an interesting story behind their formation. Two brothers, Jon and Lonn formed the band in 2000. A year later, the duo's third brother (Flo) entered the fold to handle drum duties. Flo entered drum school at age 5, left for a few years, the re-entered at age 13 with the goal of becoming good enough to join his brothers' band. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened, and here we are with Towersound's debut album. Jon and Lonn are self taught musicians, but you wouldn't guess this based on their performance on this album. Currently, the three brothers range in age from 17-26, and so they still in the early stages of their career.

Towersound plays a brand of melodic heavy / power metal that manages to establish its own identity and sound. As I mentioned, I am very impressed with what I hear on this album considering the lack of professional training (with the exception of the drummer) this band has received. The lead vocalist sounds hauntingly similar to Matt Barlow or Paul Stanley. However, Jon's voice is a bit more raw than either Barlow or Stanley. Additionally, he does sing with more vibrato, a bit much for me at times, but nothing that is detrimental to the songs. His emotional delivery and strong ability to carry a melody with his voice are simply perfect for the music at hand. I feel that a distinct lead vocalist is a must for a band like this to stand out above the crowd. Towersound definitely has strong vocals going for them, but that's not all.

The guitar work is relatively advanced, considering that 1) this is a debut album, and 2) that Lonn is a self taught musician. The solos and riffing are thick and complex, yet catchy at the same time. As for the riff style, I would best characterize it as "chains and leather" style traditional metal. Jack Starr's post Virgin Steele material is a great example of what the guitar work sounds like on this album. Tight and precise riffs gallop along throughout the album, with frequent, often extended solos found in abundance during the course of each song. One small issue: I do feel that the bass could have been beefed up during the mixing process. Not a big deal, but this really could have given the songs a well balanced sound that pounds even harder from your stereo. Aside from this, I am quite satisfied with the sound quality of the album.

Songwriting skills seem to come naturally for these guys as well. You won't find a song on this album that isn't captivating and drilled into your memory instantly. However, the intrinsic value of the songs goes deeper than a few catchy melodies. I mentioned that Jon has a stand out voice that is very well suited for this band, while Lonn provides interesting and technically challenging guitar work. Towersound does incorporate some diverse sounds into their work. The guys don't get overzealous and saturate the sound with dozens of instruments just to show how "creative" they are. The guitars are very much at the forefront of the sound, but you will hear a pipe organ, flute, harpsichord, and bassoon at strategic points throughout the album. I find that these elements are added at just the right times at just the right amounts to create an atmosphere that ranges from baroque to medieval, and of course straight forward traditional metal. The guys expand on their creativity during the epic, five part Final March, Last War. If you like variety, diversity, and ever changing moods, this is the place to start on this album.

All in all, this album is one of the most impressive debut albums I've heard in some time. With continued work, I think Jon has the potential to become a standout vocalist in the genre. Towersound also has a certain intangible quality to their music; they have a great chemistry between them (being brothers, that should explain it), and they have a love for their music. There are too many traditional and power metal albums out there today that sound sterile, lack personality, and totally lack impact. The passion these guys have for their music comes through loud and clear. With talent, desire, and a great chemistry, it's not hard to imagine Towersound sticking around for a long time, releasing many more quality albums over their career.

Killing Songs :
Devils of the Night, Hell's On The Speedway, It's A Good Day to Die, Final March; Last War
Mike quoted 78 / 100
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