Pete Lacey - Karma's Gonna Get You
Self Financed
Melodic Hard Rock
11 songs (60:00)
Release year: 2005
Reviewed by Mike

Pete Lacey is essentially an “iron man” one man band, playing well written melodic hard rock. The music is very reminiscent of 1980’s style melodic rock, with bands such as Dokken and Bonfire being the two that come to mind quickest while listening to this album. Lacey handles lead vocal duties and all instrumental duties, with the exception of a few guest appearances. However, all ingredients to the sound come together quite nicely to form naturally flowing songs. This album is self financed, yet the sound quality is much better than I would have expected knowing this.

Karma’s Gonna Get You features all the classic melodic hooks, harmony vocals, and classy guitar solos that you would expect from a quality release in this genre. The guitar tone features a distinctly 80’s vibe to it, something that will appeal to fans of classic melodic hard rock. Throughout the album, I heard numerous riffs and solos that caught my attention. In addition to singing and writing the songs, it’s quite evident that Pete is a talented guitarist as well. Of course, as you would expect with such a release, each of the songs is built around a central melodic line, giving each of the songs their own instantly recognizable identity. There is sporadic use of the keyboards throughout the album, used to drive home the melodies in selected songs; the opening track, Leaving Tonight and the ballad Eternity Begins Tonight feature the most prominent keyboard lines. Despite the fact that Pete is essentially a one man band, he has managed to create some thick harmony vocal lines via the use of guest musicians and presumably production techniques. At any rate, the sound quality is such that you never guess this band to be a one man machine. Furthermore, the album features a nice balance between up tempo rockers, mid tempo songs, and a couple of ballads. The album closes with a cover of Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight. As the album closes and I look back at what I’ve just heard, I feel very satisfied that all the songs have a place on the album. There isn’t a single track that bores me to the point of skipping it. The mistake of including “filler” material has been avoided on this album. Again, that is a testament to the songwriting ability of Pete Lacey. Each song on this album is able is memorable, making it quite easy to listen to this album multiple times.

The one issue that may turn some people away from this music is the vocals. Lacey’s vocals are not typical of this genre. His delivery is often nasal and raspy. Imagine a cross between Axl Rose and Clauss Lessman of Bonfire. In fact, when Pete uses a restrained delivery, such as in Release My Heart and the title track, he sounds very similar to Lessman. When Pete puts more energy behind his delivery, the end result is closer to the Axl Rose style of vocals. I can imagine that some folks out there would either be turned off completely by these vocals, or would accept them completely. I couldn’t detect any instances where Pete sings out of tune, so I found my ears adjusting the “different” vocal approach rather quickly.

I have to tip my hat to Mr. Lacey for his motivations behind releasing this album. He is donating the proceeds from Karma’s Gonna Get You to the “On Track” day service for adults with severe learning and physical disabilities. On Track supports about 85 members; teaching them basic skills such as learning to make a cup of tea, toast, and basic communication skills for those who can’t read or write in written form. The program also allows members to learn basic musical skills to express themselves, helps them to become acclimated with computers, and help them to develop sensory skills. Some of the members also run a coffee shop at On Track, allowing them to learn the skills of running a business, along with all the responsibilities that come with it (ordering stock, preparing food, and dealing with customers). Generally speaking, On Track gives its members opportunities to become involved in the community, learn new skills (from basic skills all the way up to running a business), broaden social contacts, and exposure to arts, crafts, and leisure activities. Currently, the program is desperately in need of moving to a new building and purchasing equipment needed to assist its members. On Track is based in England and is part of the Elizabeth Fitzroy Support Organization. You can learn more by visiting this site

To get a hold of this enjoyable melodic rock album, and to help a great cause, contact Pete directly at

Update as of May 14: Pete has contacted me with ordering details. The price of the CD is £10.00 (£11.50 if outside of U.K.). Checks should be made payable to P.J. Billington. The mailing address is as follows:
23 Nightingale Close
Rowlands Castle

Killing Songs :
Leaving Tonight, Release My Heart, Into the Fire
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