Graveworm - (N)Utopia
Nuclear Blast
Black Gothic Metal
10 songs (43'19)
Release year: 2005
Graveworm, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Jack
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I hate digipack! Alas for me, it is sometimes the only way to get those damned bonus tracks every one is craving for. Besides, most of the time bonus tracks found on limited editions are cover songs and I really like cover songs. Graveworm again recorded a cover for their latest release and the only way to find it is to buy... the limited digipack.

Anyway, Graveworm again released a hell of a great album recorded at Stage One Studio and produced by Andy Classen. Their strong materials remain mainstream black metal à la Cradle Of Filth or à la Dimmu Borgir, but I really think they have that little extra something that makes them... better? Their mid-paced symphonic death and black metal is leaning towards a more melodic and epic sound, more gothic than their previous releases, which makes them probably more accessible for the non initiated. They indeed rely mostly on catchy melodies and nice arrangements. One thing slightly different with their previous release are the deathy growls and black metal screams of singer Stefano Fiori. I find them a little more accessible than before. Less harsh, maybe more melodic. The most common complaints I read about this album is that it brings nothing new to the metal scene. Well, I believe 95% of all releases do not bring anything new to the scene either, and among that percentage how many are boring as hell? The band's new album is definitely not among them while it may not offer anything outside the realm that the band has already explored.

The cover song to be found on (N)Utopia is the same one we found on the promo version of Engraved In Black, the highly acclaimed hit from the nineties Losing My Religion by REM. Their version is well done and definitely heavy, although everyone familiar with that hit will easily recognize it, so did my wife.

Killing Songs :
(N)Utopia, Never Enough, Timeless, Losing My Religion
Jack quoted 90 / 100
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