Born From Pain - In Love With The End
Metal Blade
Metallic Hardcore
10 songs (34:26)
Release year: 2005
Born From Pain, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Nathanael

New recruits on the Metal Blade roster, Born from Pain are Heavy/ Hardcore band born out of the demise of Feeding the Fire in the summer of ’97. Relying heavily on traditional Hardcore clichés (simplistic riffing, tough guy throaty vocals, breakdowns and supporting chants), In Love with the End is basically everything you would expect from an album of this style.

Clocking in at just over a half-hour, Born from Pain waste no time in achieving their set task of creating simple, heavy as hell, Hardcore anthems that fans of this style will surely eat up. Unfortunately for the average metalhead, albums like In Love with the End have very little staying power, as they basically end up repeating themselves three songs in. Sure the production is pristine, with everything sounding clear and crushing, but even the best production can’t help an album like this from wearing thin very quickly.

While Born from Pain’s mix of mid-paced chugging and thrashier moments will likely appease fans of this style, I can’t see the everyday metalhead throwing this album on for more than a novelty spin. Unlike the majority of bands out there trying hard to bridge the Hardcore/Metal gap, Born from Pain seem content in creating their own pummeling anthems of well-orchestrated anger for those who are seeking just that.

For what it is, In Love with the End is a no-nonsense lesson in well-produced, crushing heaviness. If that is what you are currently hungry for, by all means give these guys a spin, but if you’re like me and prefer a bit more variety and instrumental fireworks, then you probably won’t find anything worth your time here.

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Nathanael quoted 60 / 100
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