Thy Majestie - The Lasting Power
Scarlet Records
Rhapsody Metal
15 songs (54'50)
Release year: 2000
Thy Majestie, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Danny

Excellent surprise again from ... Italy. As with all those Italian bands (not all of course) and following the cover-art (nice !), you are expecting for a Rhapsody metal album and that's exactly what you will discover in The Lasting Power. No copy cat at all here, but the spirit of Rhapsody is definitively present. Thy Majesty's music is very epic, melodic and those instruments parts between the songs are enhancing further the "baroque" atmosphere of the album.

The big winner in this new (?) band is the singer (not always the case with Italian bands) : great vocal which goes perfectly with this type of metal and the backing vocals are "cleverly" used. Another good point is the diversity of songs, from melodic speed metal to "Hollywood" metal, progressive break and hyper melodic riffs, Thy Majestie has a very good music knowledge and can emerge from this very productive Italian scene.

The sound is good even though the production is "too typical" for my taste. With such a singer and with those excellent songs we are waiting for the confirmation ... with the next one. Congratulations guys and good luck.

Killing Songs :
Wings Of Wind, Under Siege, Time To Battle
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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