Disiplin - Anti-Life
Moonfog Productions
Modern Black Metal with Thrash moments.
11 songs (53:01)
Release year: 2005
Disiplin, Moonfog Productions
Reviewed by Daniel

Disiplin’s debut was nothing special, just modern sounding Black Metal with some nice moments every now and then and a sprinkle of Thrash. But now it seems they've decided to do better by making the Thrash more present.

A very common problem with Black Metal bands is that they can nail one or two killer riffs per song, but the rest is filled with half-assed filler riffs. So what I feel that Disiplin did in order to avoid this problem was to let flow more Thrash stuff; it’s like: “Hey, I can’t think of another killer Black Metal riff, but maybe I can use this Thrash riff”. Thing that I consider a smart move, because at least for me, the music resulted much better than in their debut album.

Disiplin is extremely guitar orientated and they draw many obvious modern Satyricon influences, and sometimes too many and too obvious, like in the title track and Kill at Will, where the guitars sound straight out of Satyricon's Rebel Extravaganza; but even so, they manage to keep their own sound to a certain point due to the more aggressive edge they have, and to the Thrash influences. Most of the time the songs go at very high speed, but there are also slower parts that help the music to breath; the vocals are good but nothing impressive and in general the album sounds very good, thanks of course to the perfect (yet not exaggerated) production.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I’ve always thought that all the bands signed to Moonfog have a certain thing in common in their sound, a kind of old meets new feeling, and that's something that not always works for me, yet, this album works with that quite good.

Anti-Life is enjoyable if you don’t mind the obscene Satyricon resemblance at moments. It has a few weak songs like the horrible Eleven, but it has enough killer moments to maintain it balanced.

This is by no means a masterpiece, but if aggressive, fast, and modern is the way you like your Black Metal, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. Anti-Life is without a doubt a step forward for Disiplin.

Killing Songs :
Orthodox Devil Worship and Pesticide.
Daniel quoted 72 / 100
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