Moonspell - Sin / Pecado
Century Media
Erotic Gothic Metal
13 songs (00'01)
Release year: 1996
Moonspell, Century Media
Reviewed by Jack

Pecado, Sünde, Péché, Peccato, Zonde, Bûn, Grzech, Synd, Tsúmi, Synti, Patt, Amartia, Dosa, Hrich, Günah, Peacaigh, Grijeh and tons of other words to express the word SIN in different languages. That’s indeed the provocative title Moonspell gave their third album. Probably because they knew this album would certainly not please all of their fans and they might have committed themselves a sin.

Wolfheart was an impressive debut displaying the refined black metal side of the band, while their sophomore album Irreligious was a kind of experiment for the band as they needed to move forward and get away from their somewhat critized black metal roots. I indeed remember at the time I couldn't believe and also understand that a band from Portugal could play black metal. Can you indeed picture those portugese black metallers painted in black and white during a summer heat in Lisbon or Porto ? Anyway, they definitely found their sound with Sin/Pecado recorded at Woodhouse Studios with Waldemar Sorychta who at the time was the producer of all the newest wave of gothic metal inspired bands such as Tiamat and The Gathering among others. This third album has an even more experimenting music than Irreligious, but there’s a feeling of achievement on that album that was not necesseraly the case on their previous album.

Gone forever is the Transylvania Rock atmosphere and the corny Vampire lyrics of their debut and the first couple of tracks HandmadeGod and especially Second Skin are the only two songs on this album that recalls some reminiscence from the band’s earlier materials, the later being a track made up for the stage with its hypnotic chorus. Second Skin was also chosen for the EP and although it is certainly not the best song off the album, the record company probably didn’t want to scare the fans with a softer song. Abysmo is a track that balances between the two sides of the band and is an evident continuation from the openers and clearly shows the color for what’s to follow. It’s only from Magdalene and V.C. (Gloria Domini) that the tone of the album is set. The band indeed found a new musical evolution on this album. A kind of erotic gothic metal, filled with erotic tones. There's indeed something sensual and erotic about their approach, especially in the lyrics and how the vocals are handled throughout the album.

On every Moonspell album, there’s a song a can’t listen to. Eurotica is the track on Sin/Pecado that I really can’t stand. In fact, this song somehow set the standard for the somewhat disappointing follow up The Butterfly Effect. That’s why I always skip it. Once the track is done, it seems the band has kept the best for the end. Mute, Dekadance and Let The Children Cum To Me are indeed three awesome tracks and probably the best songs ever done by the band. The Hanged Man is probably the softer song on the album and is the perfect mellow track to close the album if we don’t take the last instrumental into consideration.

Although not everything is great on this album, Sin/Pecado has a great deal of emotion with awesome melodies and its own distinctive flavor. It also has a peculiarly atmosphere I haven’t found on any other releases by the band. Besides there’s also enough heavy guitar riffs and probably the best melodic guitar soloing the band ever came up with. The music is definitely more versatile, mellow and soothing than anything else they have done throughout their entire career and this third album might well be their most accessible album. That being said it’s definitely not a commercial release. There’s definitely an evident hint of Depeche Mode and The Sisters Of Mercy throughout the album and that’s probably why they covered Sacred on the EP. Definitely the most consistent album and a must have for everyone.


Killing Songs :
Mute, Dekadance, Let The Children Cum To Me, Magdalene, Second Skin
Jack quoted CLASSIC
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