Magistral - Demo 2005
Self Financed
Power / Speed Metal
3 songs (20'34)
Release year: 2005
Reviewed by Ben

Magistral’s new three track demo is here and I am happy to say that this has exceeded all expectations that I had for this band. While only being three songs long, this twenty minute plus demo is chock full of top class Power Metal. I hate to pigeonhole this band in terms of sound but if I had to describe them to an unfamiliar listener it would be a mix of current era Angra and Dragonforce. Angra because of the similar style of Power Metal that they play (albeit without orchestral effects) and Dragonforce because of the sheer speed and technicality of the guitar solos, these really are some mesmerizing leads that are on display. Lucho has also improved his singing immensely, gone are the vocals that irked me about I Am, he sings clearly, passionately, and with conviction, I have never heard him sound better.

Starting off with the speedy Legacy of Time this demo gets under way with a swift boot in the ass. Double bass drumming is constant yet never overbearing or annoying and the guys know when to slow things down for a good head banging section. An overtly catchy refrain helps the song out as well, plus there is a gorgeous tapping solo section around the four minute mark where both Danilo, Kelly, and Francisco are given an opportunity show off their skills right before Danilo rips into a monster sweeping passage. Sail Away is another speedy tune with a thinly veiled ballad-like intro to it. An cleanly picked electric guitar and Lucho’s voice set the tone for the first minute and I’m taken aback at how emotional this is. As soon as this hits me however, I am bombarded by a great and melodious guitar riff that is both heavy yet uplifting as well. A driving beat and a vocal bridge that is hammered into the listeners ears paves the way for a gorgeous chorus, the belting of the title track as if Lucho’s life depended on it. A mid paced tune this is still a shining track and my second favorite out of the three. A Glimpse of Light is last and it is as if the band put their entire collective hearts and beings into this one. Gloriously fast with breakdown sections that rely on guitar harmonics and the voice, I am taken aback at the sheer intensity of this song, it must be heard to believed. A Glimpse of Light easily rivals some of Stratovarius’ best work and the reason I say this is because they have covered Forever Free and pulled it off better than the Finnish superstars.

Why Magistral is still puttering around in Houston I have no idea. Currently trying to drop their label like a hot sack of shit (this demo was entirely self financed), these guys desperately need their music to be heard by the rest of the metal community. The time for them to secure a real label deal is now, with the quality of music that is on display here Magistral are fully and wholly ready for the big time.

Killing Songs :
Legacy of Time, Sail Away, and A Glimpse of Light
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