Soulfly - Primitive
Roadrunner Records
Tribal Neo-Metal
12 songs (52'23)
Release year: 2000
Soulfly, Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Danny

And it starts very badly !!! The first song Back To The Primitive is a classical aggressive neo-thrash-metal song, actually too classic. Euuhh sorry guys, but shouldn't you surprised us instead of using the same path. This song has been written by 100 others bands who where themselves influenced by ... Sepultura or Soulfly. Nothing new here ... Soulfly doing Soulfly.
And even if the tribal atmosphere is present everywhere, sometimes it sounds strangely like ... Slipknot !!!

Well I know what you are going to say ? There are so many bands who are fighting hard to find their own sound and Soulfly have their typical "tribal-thrash" sound. However, this album has few "surprising" moments and Soulfly can do much better. For example the third song, Bring it, has some very interesting guitar melodies, tribal meets arabesque and a "love and peace" break in the middle of the song. The forth song, Jumpdafuckup, mixing rap, neo-metal and thrash riffs is really aggressive and the "spoken" breaks are excellent. The last song, FlyHigh, is a "kind of" thrash-Beattles song (chorus melody) and the female voice is quite a surprise from Soulfly.

Of course this Primitive is very good compare to dozen of others neo-metal bands nowadays. But I was expecting something else, something new, something fresh (by the way, I hate this cover-art). I hope guys that you are not already tired, because we all know you can do much better. Let's hope that Soulfly believes it too !!!

Killing Songs :
Pain, Bring It, Flyhigh
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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