Krisiun - Bloodshed
Century Media
Brutal Death Metal
11 songs (40:55)
Release year: 2004
Krisiun, Century Media
Reviewed by Aaron
Krisiun is a band known for playing as fast as humanly possible all the time. Oh, and they’re from Brazil, but don’t really sound much like Sepultura. For one thing, they’re a lot louder and more brutal. For another thing, they’re not nearly as good as Sepultura used to be in their thrash/death stages.

On Bloodshed, Krisiun recorded eight actual tracks, then slapped on top of them a few songs from some early EP or another without even bothering to rerecord or remaster them. This smacks of laziness.

The bad thing about the eight tracks that are actually here is that only five of them are actual death metal songs, and the other three are complete wastes of time. What death metal band has THREE intro/outros on ONE CD, including one that has three minutes of silence in the middle? Laziness again.

The good thing about this disc is that the songs that are there will certainly please any Krisiun fan, as they are largely in the same vein as their other releases: hyperspeed death metal with some thrashy riffs that remind me of Hell Awaits-era Slayer, and a vocalist on top of everything who evokes a more guttural George Fischer, of all people. The production places the guitars on top of everything, has the vocals mixed nicely, and doesn’t forget about the drums. The bass is kind of inaudible in the madly fast songs, but it really isn’t needed. The EP songs are as badly recorded as you’d expect from the early recordings of a death metal band, committing the classic mistake of turning up the vocals so loud that they drown out the guitars, and having the drums in the mix so prominently that the riffs are really hard to hear and tell apart.

Krisiun aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but they aren’t trying to. They’re just playing death metal. By itself, this would probably get a score in the seventies, but the extra EP songs and all those stupid intro/outros bag it down enough to lower the score to 69. Buy this only if you love Krisiun to the point where you will die a horrible death if you do not have every Krisiun release, or if you want to hear the EP tracks. This would have been a great EP by itself if they removed all the excess songs, but as a full-length, it suffers.

Killing Songs :
Slain Fate, Ominous, Hateful Nature
Aaron quoted 69 / 100
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