Iron Savior - I've Been To Hell (Single)
Noise Records
Speed Metal
4 songs (17'11)
Release year: 2000
Iron Savior, Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris

Not much surprise for this new single, it's Iron Savior all right, Melodic Speed Metal "a la" Piet Sielck. The title track "I've Been To Hell" is a bit easy and I hope it doesn't stand out for the forthcoming album. But I'm not worried because Piet is a hell of a songwriter and I'm sure he cooked up a bombastic release. The second track "Never Say Die" is much better to my opinion. The single also contains 2 covers, one from the Priests and the other from Krokus. I'm no fund of Judas Priest's cover but it's no secret that I'm no a big fan. As for the Krokus cover it's cool but again you must be a fan I guess :).

For me this single is not worth buying unless you're a die hard Iron Savior fan and can't wait for the album, but if you don't know them I suggest you check their previous work, especially Unification

Killing Songs :
Never Say Die, Headhunter
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