Slumber - Fallout
Karmageddon Media
Not your average Gothic/Doom Metal
7 songs (37:51)
Release year: 2004
Slumber, Karmageddon Media
Reviewed by Nathanael
Surprise of the month

Contrary to what their name implies, Sweden’s Slumber are not one of those self-indulging Doom Metal bands who need overly long songs and painfully dull riffs to get their point across, putting the listener to sleep in the process. After experiencing Fallout’s somewhat short duration (for a Doom Metal album), I can honestly say that not a second is wasted and not a second more needed, as Slumber perfectly deliver their message of anguish and despair in a thoroughly impressive way, a rare occurrence considering this genres otherwise stagnant nature.

To be honest, this album caught me well off guard, as I wholly expected Slumber to fall victim to the previously mentioned traps that so many Gothic/Doom bands fall prey to. Thankfully, it appears that Slumber have rightfully taken note of these pitfalls and made the appropriate adjustments to their sound and delivery.

Rather than bore the listener to tears, Fallout successfully evokes beautiful feelings of sadness, despair, anguish and rage with layers of varied drumming, crushing riffs that chug one moment and soar the next, delicate keys in no way used as a novelty and a vocalist who’s tortured howls are painfully unsettling. These layers are exactly what keep me returning to this album, as each spin uncovers new subtleties previously overlooked. The use of delicate female voices creates an excellent contrast to the whirlwind of fury with great effect. The fact that Slumber throw in eerie breakdowns and slower, more somber passages without wholly relying upon them truly displays their keen appreciation for dynamics and surprisingly mature songwriting abilities.

A prime example of quality over quantity, the album’s chill-inducing conclusion arrives at the perfect time, where any additional material would have seemed forced and unnecessary. While I could attempt to pick out minor flaws and blame them on Fallout’s debut status, such an act would be terribly unwarranted, seeing as this album could have easily passed as a veteran release. Throw in some beautifully crafted and detailed artwork and you are left with easily one of the best surprises of the year. Impressive.

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