PainMuseum - Metal For Life
C.M.M. Entertainment
Metal, the only way Metal Mike knows how.
11 songs (44:56)
Release year: 2004
Reviewed by Brent

Well, I have been looking foward to this album for a while now. Being a big fan of Metal Mike and Bobby in Halford, I pre-ordered the album without hearing a single song from it. Do I regret it? Not ONE bit. Metal For Life introduces a style that is somewhat different than I was accustomed to with Halford, but a good one nonetheless. PainMuseum definitly has some songs that I could hear Halford singing to, but I am glad Metal Mike decided not to give up after the demise of his former band. Metal For Life delivers, with a punch too. It is heavy, fast, and very dark sounding at times. Most everyone in this band you have heard of already, 2 being former Halford bandmates that I mentioned already and also on bass they recruited Steve DiGiorgio from Death fame, as well as some other bands. The only newcommer to the fold is Tim Clairbone, who is almost the exact opposite of what I would have expected, sounding almost like Chuck Billy (Testament) and others with his deep gutteral vocals. Also making an appearence on the album is Joe Comeau (Ex-Annihilator, Overkill, and Leige Lord), and he does a great job with some of the backing vocal tracks he contributes.

Now, on to the tunes. The first song "The Devine Wings of Tragedy" an instrumental, a great opener for the album that sets the stage for the onslaught you are about to endure. "Speak The Name" is next, and I swear it has to be two different people singing on this one, one word he will have more of a thrashy vocal style, then on the very next word it goes to a version of death metal vocals. Very talented indeed, Tim, keep it up. Up next is the song "Hosanna Hosanna", and Jarzombek never ceases to amaze me with his drumming, it is great on this one, and a catchy song too. "Words Will Kill Everything" is up next, my favorite song on the album up to this point. It's about damn time us Americans, who contrary to popular belief, like metal too, are recognized. That is exactly what happens on the next song, "American Metalhead", it is the band's ode to all Americans, who still like to bang our heads to decent metal. Well, ok, maybe I was a little wrong earlier when I said they didn't really sound like the Halford band, the next song, "Dogs In A Cage" has an opening riff that could have been on Crucible. "Live And Die" is next, with Comeau on guest vocals, good song, I like what Comeau added to it. My favorite song overall on the album is "Burn Flesh Burn", I really like the playing on this one. The next one, which is the namesake for the band, "PainMuseum" is ok, nothing TOO special, compared to the rest of the album that is. The slowest song on the album, "Bloody Wings", is sure to be a fan favorite, one of mine off of the cd too. Finishing off the disc with, "I Am Your Keeper", they decided to revisit the "Fast/Thrashy" vein of things to close the album out.

I really like this album, and I am looking foward to anything else Mike and the boys might throw at us, as long as it stays heavy, which they accomplished on this one with no problem. If you are a fan of Halford or Metal Mike's solo stuff, then I strongly suggest getting this cd, if not, then still, check it out, you won't regret it. I am hoping to catch these guys live sometime down in Georgia, wink wink...

Killing Songs :
Speak The Name, Words Kill Everything, American Metalhead, Burn Flesh Burn, Bloody Wings, I Am Your Keeper
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