Avalon - Eurasia
Omega Records
Melodic Power/Prog
12 songs (51'45)
Release year: 2000
Avalon, Omega Records
Reviewed by Marc

The new Avalon was quite a surprise for me. When I bought it, I was sure I was making a mistake because the cover art is a bit unusual for a metal album. But I was wrong!

This album has great vocals, songs with catchy choruses and a perfect production. But more than that, Eurasia includes elements from traditional asian music (mostly indian I think). They have used instruments like the indian sitar or dolky and there are even buddhist chants. It's often difficult to do that kind of mix but they managed to do it and the result is great (it reminds me a little of Angra's Holy Land).

With this album, probably their best so far, Avalon has proved that they are now equals among the best power/prog bands.

Killing Songs :
Eternal Flame, Burning Souls, Temujin
Marc quoted 85 / 100
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