Drudkh - Autumn Aurora
Supernal Music
Melancholic Black Folk Metal
6 songs (40:19)
Release year: 2004
Supernal Music
Reviewed by Daniel
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There are some albums that grab you in such a special way that it’s like a supernatural experience. This album does exactly that with me. I’ve been hearing it almost daily for a couple of months and each time I hear it, I’m amazed with what Drudkh created.

When listening to Autumn Aurora you’ll find yourself in the middle of a vast and beautiful forest, with all the majesty and mysticism it beholds. Each note has so much energy and feeling it’s unbelievable; thing that is hard to find in music these days. With Drudkh I’m talking about some of the most inspiring and unique music I’ve heard in a long time.

Autumn Aurora is the second album released by Drudkh, which is a band formed by Roman Saenko of Hate Forest fame and other Ukrainian musicians. If you’re expecting music in the vein of the previously mentioned Hate Forest, you’ll be surprised to find that although the music of this band is deeply rooted on Black Metal, it has a totally different sound to it.

Drudkh’s music can be described as a blend of melancholy, Black Metal and beautiful Folk music; this music has such power and atmosphere that once it grabs you, it will never let go. This album can be cold at some times but at others it has such a warm feeling; thing that’s extremely weird and incredible at the same time, especially because it has such a Black Metal feeling to it; and that my friends, is what makes this album so magnificent.

The band uses deep melancholic keyboards to create the incredible atmosphere Autumn Aurora has, over them the guitar does some dark tremolo picking at some times, hence the Black Metal rooting; and at others the guitar performs some beautiful Folkish melodies like in the amazing Sunwheel. The voice isn’t loud enough to disrupt the natural flow of the music, actually there are some parts where it feels more like part of the atmosphere itself. As for the drums, they do a great work; minimal in parts where the music is more atmospheric, and tighter in the parts where the music is less atmospheric.

The production plays a very important role in albums, especially in those whith such a strong and deep atmosphere like Drudkh's; even the slightest mistake balancing the instruments could blow everything away, but in this album it was managed perfectly.

I think that music is the thing that touches your soul in the most incredible and moving way. It’s something I just can’t explain; when I listen to certain albums I can feel every single cell in my body just…. I don’t know how to explain this with words!!! I just get a certain special feeling I can’t get from anything else. I really don’t know how to explain this; the only thing I can say is that this album makes me feel that way; and that is why this album is so special to me; so listen to it; give it time, and I think it’s possible that you’ll understand perfectly what I’m trying to write here.

Killing Songs :
Every single song in the album is amazing but Summoning the Rain and Sunwheel are from another world.
Daniel quoted 95 / 100
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