Gurd - Bedlam
Century Media
Modern Thrash
13 songs (47'13)
Release year: 2000
Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

Whoooaaww ! The mega "thrash" fist in my face ... and this is a Swiss fist. This is the kind of album that should stimulate all the Swiss' underground metal scene. Yes you can play metal, yes you can be Swiss and yes you can release excellent records. At least, Century Media seems to have understand it far before us (Samael).

This is their second album and the production is a masterpiece : what a sound! Excellent thrash album, full of fast riffs, double bass/drum and very aggressive voice (almost hard core). Some songs are actually very catchy, others very fast and I can't imagine what happened in "live gigs" with those guys ... the crowd becomes totally crazy I guess.

There is no piece of mind in this CD. It is like a "bulldozer" speeding at 200km : you cannot stand in front of it. Gurd has chosen a Kiss' song that resumes perfectly the beauty of this Bedlam : WARMACHINE.

Killing Songs :
Masterplan, Big Shout, Defiance !!!
Danny quoted 85 / 100
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