Grave - Fiendish Regression
Century Media
Death Metal
11 songs (50'28)
Release year: 2004
Grave, Century Media
Reviewed by Jack

When I received the promo of Grave's sixth studio album, I read my review of their previous album. I was little surprised of the quotation. I had given a 95, since I remembered giving it a 90. But, after listening to the album, I exactly remembered why I gave this nearly perfect quote. It really deserved it as the album had no weak tracks at all. Well, after a long six year hiatus, I believe it isn't really difficult to come up with a some solid and strong materials.

After the monumental Back From The Grave I knew it would be difficult for its successor to be as good. And I was indeed right. Fiendish Regression isn't as good as Grave's first studio album Back From The Grave, but remains a very good and solid heavy death metal album. The only thing that changed between the two album is the addition of new blood on drums. Exit Jensa Paulsson, enter Pelle Ekegren. I won't say the usual it's a change for the better because the new drummer is a lot better blah blah blah... Although he really shows through the whole album, I don't see the difference not being a drummer myself. As for the music, Grave is the quintessence of European slow to mid tempo death metal, catchy and groovy as hell. The songs are heavy as hell and more or less of equal quality than their previous album. The majority of them remain mid tempo and rely on sheer force, but some of them are somewhat faster than the average Grave material. It gives a little more diversity on this album. As you read it, I truly enjoy this album but it's not quite up to the standard the band have set for themselves with their previous album. Maybe due to the fact that I was so impressed with their return a couple of years ago that now the excitment maybe a little gone.

The limited slipcase edition features 2 bonus tracks. A cover version of Saint-Vitus classic Burial At Sea which doesn't bring anything to the package and a re-recording of a old song named Autopsied which was originally written and recorded for promotion in 1989. I find it really cool to unbury some of the demos the band wrote fifteen years ago.

Killing Songs :
Reborn, Breeder
Jack quoted 85 / 100
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